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EEB postdoc Smith shoots, scores in bird-related news

Olivia Smith, an EEB Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, this month has supersized her work on the connections between wild birds and food safety with a blog, a podcast and photographs.

Cover of the Journal of Applied Ecology
Cover photo by Olivia Smith

She has written the blog "Birds don't strongly impact broccoli damage or yields on diversified U.S. West Coast farms" for the American Ornithological Society Wing Beat, which is a lay summary for the article of which she is co-first author on that came out in February in Ornithological Applications

She has been interviewed for the MSU Agrifood Safety Produce Bites podcast "How Risky are Birds to Produce Safety?" about her Ecological Applications paper. 

She has a photo featured on the cover of the April issue of the Journal of Applied Ecology  to accompany her article Complex landscapes stabilize farm bird communities and their expected ecosystem services.

Portrait of Olivia Smith in the lab
Olivia Smith

On April 1, she had a photo gallery published in the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America for her paper "Feedlot Association Increases Food Safety Risk Associated with Wild Birds."

Smith is mentored by Catherine Lindell in the Department of Integrative Biology in NatSci and Jen Owen in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife in CANR.