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Digital Fellows

MSU EEB Initiative Banner that reads "Become an EEB Digital Fellow".


EEB announces the 2022-2023 cohort of Digital Fellows!

The EEB Digital Fellows Program provides an opportunity for two graduate students to gain skills in science communication and digital media during the academic year.

With support and training from mentors Sue Nichols and Daniel Trego, the EEB fellows will co-run EEB’s digital media (including website and social media) and produce a story project on research within EEB.

Fellows will have the option to participate in College of Arts and Letters (CAL) Digital Fellow introductory workshop where they will develop a deeper understanding of how to curate and maintain an academic digital presence and how to intentionally develop one to meet specific goals.

During the spring semester, the fellows will create a story designed to communicate an EEB research project using their chosen media (writing, photography, video).

Fellow’s Duties

  • After appropriate strategic training, develop content for EEB’s website and social media (Twitter) accounts with support from EEB staff. At a minimum, Twitter requirements will entail:
    • Live tweeting the weekly seminars and bi-weekly colloquia
    • Posting EEB news items
    • Developing relevant hashtags
    • Scrolling for @EEB tags to retweet once or twice a week
  • Produce at least one significant web story (written/photo/video) on a research project that synthesizes research in two or more labs in MSU's EEB program, during spring semester
  • Act as a liaison to EGG’s digital presence and help promote digital development for other members of EEB (i.e., share what you learn)
  • Optional: participate in CAL’s non-credit introductory digital fellows workshop (one hour meeting a week for approximately half of the fall semester)
  • Expected amount of time spent on fellowship: average 3-4 hours a week (but will vary by week)

Fellow’s Benefits

  • Upon completion of the fellowship, the EEB Digital Fellows will have a deep understanding of the value of digital media for communicating and sharing scientific research for a wide range of audiences. Fellows will learn how to cultivate digital media strategically to reach specific goals.
  • Fellows will be paid an annual stipend of $3,000 contingent on participation in the program: a $1,500 fellowship will be distributed in December with the remaining $1,500 distributed in April.

How to Apply

Applicants must be current EEB graduate students in good standing. Interested applicants should articulate their interest in science communication, any relevant experience, skills/interests (writing, photo, video, social media, podcasting), and how they see experiences gained from the digital fellows program fitting into their career path. 

The next round of applications will be announced in Fall 2023. Questions can be directed to Daniel Trego and Sue Nichols.


2021-2022 Digital Fellows

EEB names two PhD students to the inaugural year of digital fellowship

Digital Fellows - Framing EEB work

Inaugural fellows Beth Gerstner, a PHD student in fisheries and wildlife studying with Phoebe Zarnetske, and Katrina Culbertson, a master's student in plant biology studying with Carolyn Malmstrom, completed their training by writing news articles exploring topics visited upon by several EEB faculty and labs. 

It's part of a longer goal of articulating EEB's commonality - the different ways change in nature is examined, and what becomes of discoveries.

Have a look at how their stories are, and are becoming...
Picture of Beth Gerstner


Save the umbrella for a rainy day: an alternative way forward for conservation