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How the world is - and is becoming

EEB is our intellectual home

Our work spans a breathtaking swath of life, across the globe from molecules to the biosphere. We study and teach biodiversity's origins and maintenance. We're inspired by the diverse community we make.

Change -- from seconds to millennia -- is our common quest.

Michigan State University Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Program logo

The program


collection of images highlighting EEB work


Michigan State University's Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (EEB) Program is a research and training hub for those seeking to understand and predict life in a changing world.

EEB members come from 12 departments in five colleges, uniting multiple disciplines. The program aims to support innovative research and mentor the next generation of life scientists while building networks and enriching collaborations.

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Postdoctoral Fellowship

EEB offers a competetive postdoctoral fellowship program
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Grad Group

Our EEB grads are active in research, outreach, and networking
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Seed Grants

EEB supports the development of new ideas and collaborations
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Markers of Excellence

20 MSU University Distinguished Graduate Fellows

16 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellows

13 National Science Foundation Faculty Early CAREER Awardees

12 American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows

8 Ecological Society of America Fellows and Early Career Fellows

3 American Academy for Arts and Sciences Members

3 John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellows