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Applying the lake trout genome in Lake Michigan

An NPR podcast explores how lake trout are on life support in Lake Michigan. They rely on intense breeding and stocking by federal fisheries. There was a breakthrough last summer, though, that could help bolster the lake trout's recovery. A geneticist successfully mapped the lake trout genome: an outline of the fish's genetic makeup. The genome will help biologists understand why some "strains" of trout have a higher survival rate. But could it also be used to create a sort of super-trout? And is that a good thing? Or is conservation-based gene editing a step too far? 

Note: EEB core faculty member Kim Scribner notes "while conservation and management was the application goal, the work was never intended to foster efforts at ‘genetic engineering’ or to produce ‘Frankenfish.'"

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Find the NPR Outside/In podcast here

A recent seminar on the science behind the report can be viewed here.