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Twenty-two EEB faculty on world's top scientists list

A third of the core faculty in MSU's Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior (EEB) Program have been ranked among the top 2% of the world’s most highly cited scientists, according to a database created by Stanford University researchers.

Stanford list of top scientists

Twenty-two EEB scientists have been ranked as the most influential people of science in the world. The top 2% list contains the names of scientists from around the world whose publications are most often cited by other authors.

The list was created using a composite indicator based on standardized citation metrics, including the number of citations, h-index, and co-authorship. The database contains the top 100,000 ranked scientists (measured from 1965 to 2019) out of approximately 7 million scientists across 22 major fields.

The core EEB faculty included in the database are:

  • Christoph Adami
  • Janette Boughman
  • James Bence
  • Jiquan Chen
  • Jeffrey Conner
  • Nick Haddad
  • Stephen Hamilton
  • Kay Holekamp
  • Fred Janzen
  • Chris Klausmeier
  • Rich Kobe
  • Doug Landis
  • Richard Lenski
  • Weiming Li
  • Elena Litchman
  • Jianguo (Jack) Liu
  • Philip McKinley
  • Scott Peacor
  • Kim Scribner
  • Shin-Han Shiu
  • Jan Stevenson
  • Edward (Ned) Walker

Also ranked: recent EEB emeritus faculty Brian Maurer, Gary Mittelbach, and Doug Schemske.

The list, including a 2020 update, was reported in PLOS Biology.