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Lenski, EEB alumnus, featured in BBC science show

EEB core faculty member and evolutionary biologist Richard Lenski is featured in the episode "Microbial Cities and New Worlds."

Host Tim Hayward has been in and around professional kitchens for years - and has long seen bacteria as the enemy, attempting to kill them at every opportunity and in every possible way. In this three-part series, he starts to wonder if things are quite as simple as that and, before long, discovers that these tiny organisms are unlike anything he had ever imagined.

In this first episode, Tim climbs aboard the Magic School Bus to go on a bacteria hunt, gets shrunken down to the size of a microbe, and witnesses time travel and evolution in an Erlenmeyer flask.

Former EEB student Paul Turner (now at Yale) is featured in the second episode.

Listen to the show on the BBC Radio.