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Isabela Borges receives prestigious student research award

Isabela Borges is the recipient of a highly regarded award from the American Society of Naturalists, the oldest scientific society dedicated to the study of ecology, evolution and behavior.

Isabela Borges crouches in a field at the KBS Long-term Ecological Research site, using a trowel to dig up plants.
Isabela Borges

Borges, a Ph.D. candidate in the Fitzpatrick Lab, recently was honored with the Society’s Student Research Award. The award supports graduate students conducting research that advances the Society’s goals of the conceptual unification of ecology, evolution or behavior. Borges was one of 10 scientists from an international field selected for the award.

“This is a highly competitive and prestigious award in our field – and Isabela is extremely deserving of it,” says Sarah Fitzpatrick, assistant professor at KBS, the Department of Integrative Biology, and the EEB Program. “I’m thrilled that ASN recognized the novelty and importance of Isabela’s work through this award!”

The award includes a $2,000 gift, which will support Borges’s research on the effects of inbreeding on the mutually beneficial relationship between plants and rhizobia, a nitrogen-fixing bacterium.  

“Isabela’s research addresses an important, and previously unexplored, link between evolution and ecology that may have major consequences for natural populations in fragmented environments,” says Fitzpatrick. “That is, what happens to species interactions when habitats shrink and become more isolated?”

Read more at KBS.