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ESA North Central Branch Recognizes Isaacs

The Department of Entomology is proud to announce that Rufus Isaacs, has been recognized with the Distinguished Extension Award by the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America (NCB ESA).

Rufus Isaacs
Rufus Isaacs

“My extension program is primarily in berry crop pest management, and it has emphasized development of decision tools, conservation practices, and research-based recommendation for various controls to support IPM programs in these crops, ” said Isaacs, an EEB core faculty member.  He is a professor in the Department of Entomology in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. 

“This work has been dominated in recent years by information transfer and coordination in response to the arrival of spotted wing Drosophila in our state,” Isaacs explained. ”We have provided statewide and regional leadership on this pest and how to respond. Our findings are extended to grower, extension, and industry stakeholders by talks, printed and online publications, websites, webinars and through on-farm evaluation and demonstration trials providing real-world experience with new practices. I include students and postdocs in planning and delivering extension activities, helping to ensure the availability of the next generation of entomologists with experience interacting with farming communities.”

The NCB-ESA award recipients will receive acknowledgment of their accomplishments and serve as the Branch nominee at the Entomological Society of America National Meeting which will take place in November. 

Read the full story in the Department of Entomology