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EEB digital media specialist explores visual storytelling

EEB digital media specialist Daniel Trego has been featured for his work while studying conservation photography through the organization Photography Without Borders.

Man tending to portions of living trees
Trego's subject, Alex, tending to trees he preserves.

Trego's educational background is in linguistics, and he is passionate about building connections by way of narrative photography. Daniel’s project tells the story of Alex, an arborist who takes great care in preserving both the trees he works with and their surrounding residential environment. For a profession that might be interpreted as destructive to nature, Daniel’s photographs exhibit the gentle manner and thoughtfulness Alex brings to his craft.

In the Q & A, Trego noted:

"I've always had an interest in it, but three years ago, I built a website for a professor of conservation criminology whose work focused on what happens around poaching. I learned about the ramifications and fallout and how it’s prosecuted, so that started to pique my interest. I’d been following Photographers Without Borders and wanted to try Storytelling School to see how we could work together.

"I love the human component of a narrative and the outcome of it. I'm really interested in the educational component, like how is the story itself transformational for someone who might read or see it? What does the process of transformation look like, and how do we set up the space for transformation to happen? Photography for me was more of an artistic expression, so Storytelling School pushed me to be in this narrative space."

Read the full interview in "Conservation photography school students explore what it means to preserve habitats"