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Bug House launches educational videos with NSF grant

The Bug House at Michigan State University is launching an engaging new video series that is set to captivate bug enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Outdoor head and shoulders portrait of Henry Chung
Henry Chung

This series, funded by a National Science Foundation grant to PI Henry Chung, an EEB core faculty member, and Co-PI Amanda Lorenz, will consist of two videos per year for three years. Each video is led by an undergraduate student, who both writes and stars in the video. The video topics are driven by the students’ own interests and unique perspectives.  

In the first video in the series, "Exploring Entomology Careers," Entomology student Loren Campbell gives viewers a snapshot of the diverse and rewarding field of entomology. Through interviews with three professional entomologists, aspiring bug enthusiasts will gain valuable insights into the exciting opportunities and paths available within this specialized field. From studying insect behavior to protecting our troops from pests, the video highlights the multifaceted nature of entomology and the crucial importance of entomologists. 

In the second video, "The Importance of Native Bees," Entomology student Taylor Hori provides insights about significance of native pollinators and the urgent need to protect their habitats. Viewers will learn about the vital contributions made by non-honeybee bees (native bees) to the pollination of our crops and natural ecosystems. The video showcases simple pollinator conservation efforts that can be undertaken by communities to safeguard the habitats and ensure the survival of these essential insect pollinators. 

With a focus on educating and inspiring, the Bug House's first two videos delve into the realm of entomology careers and shed light on the crucial conservation of native pollinators. 

Read the full story in the Department of Entomology.