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Benbow named CANR International Programs Global Scholar

MSU researcher and EEB core faculty member, Eric Benbow, has been named Global Scholar through the Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) International Programs Office. He will join the Global Scholars Program, which aims to enhance engagement of early and mid-career faculty members in international programs.

Benbow is an associate professor in the MSU Department of Entomology, who describes himself as a community ecologist, "studying how complex communities contribute to ecological systems and understanding these communities can be used in various applications in medicine, disease and environmental management."

One of his key areas of research is on black soldier fly as an alternative protein source for livestock feed and aquaculture.

Eric Benbow
Eric Benbow

Benbow said the Global Scholars Program will assist him with the resources and collaborations necessary to not only conduct the black soldier fly research, but also expand programming and learn from researchers around the world.

"I've been doing some of that work already in Malawi, and as part of the Global Scholars, what I would like to do is expand that to Asia, or areas of Central America or northern South America to continue to expand the breadth of potential black soldier fly in offsetting costs for livestock feed," he said.

"We are trying to understand the organic matter resources of the respective area, the waste resources it has, where that waste is going, and if it makes sense for that location to do additional research on black soldier fly to determine if this method could influence growth and development of the ultimate product, which is the alternative fish food or livestock food."

Benbow's work using insects as protein and food sources for livestock helps to bring unique perspectives to solving global food security issues.

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