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Getting evangelical about science to a Christian audience

Veronica Frans sitting on a New Zealand beach
Veronica Frans

EEB member Veronica Frans, a PhD candidate in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, talked about environmental stewardship and its ties to Christianity at BioLogos,  a science advocacy organization founded by Francis Collins, the former director of the National Institute of Health and former science advisor to President Joe Biden.

BioLogos performs outreach to Christians about various topics in science, and in September, they held an event focused on environmental stewardship. At the Summit, Frans, a member of the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, talked about biodiversity and how telecoupled relationships between humans and nature provide opportunities to care for and love our telecoupled neighbors.

Frans' talk was covered in Root & Vine Magazine, in which she said, “The decisions we make impact other parts of the world and impact people in those areas, who also make decisions, which in turn affect biodiversity and the environment. Those environmental changes force both human and nature to adapt and make decisions that impact other parts of the world, “ultimately affecting you, others, or more biodiversity.”