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Student Colloquia

The EEB Grad Group (EGG) organizes a bi-weekly colloquium at noon every other Wednesday during the academic year. Students and postdocs are invited to present their in-progress work, where they can receive feedback on their research in a supportive environment. Colloquia also provides an opportunity for students to grab lunch and socialize with friends and colleagues. 

Colloquia are planned in-person unless listed otherwise. We will closely monitor the COVID-19 situation.

Questions can be directed to the committee co-chairs: Emily Conway and Vincent Pan.

Spring 2023 

January 18

Life on the edge: Lessons from resurrection plants

Rose Marks
PostDoc, Van Buren Lab
Plant and Soil Science

February 1

New approaches for modeling variation in rates of trait evolution

Bruce Martin 
PhD candidate, Weber lab
Department of Plant Biology

February 15

Graduate student accessibility and support network: An introduction to MSU's first organization for all chronically-ill, disabled, and neurodivergent grad students

Brooke Jeffery
PhD candidate, Ganz and Braasch lab
Integrative Biology

March 1

Maximizing the sustainability of organic farming systems

Olivia Smith
PostDoc, Lindell Lab
Integrative Biology

March 15

Legacy effects of long-term agricultural management on ground beetle communities 

Cynthia Fiser
PhD Candidate, Landis Lab


Brain shape evolution in the carnivoran family Mustelidae

Ani Hristova
PhD Candidate, Lundrigan Lab
Integrative Biology

March 29

Estimating long-term species and community trends of butterflies in the Midwestern United States

Wendy Leuenberger
PhD Candidate, Zipkin Lab
Integrative Biology


Andrew Eagar
PostDoc, Blackwood Lab
Plant Biology

April 12

Soil bacterial community responses to climate warming and drought

Moriah Young
PhD Candidate, Zarnetske Lab
Integrative Biology


Patterns of Plant Biodiversity in Ecuador

Hazel Anderson
PhD Candidate, Zarnetske Lab
Integrative Biology

April 26

Effect of growth mindset messaging on students' confidence and achievement

Riley Pizza
PhD Candidate, Brudvig Lab
Plant Biology


Conservation genomics of Salmonids

Ben Kline
PhD Candidate, Meek Lab
Integrative Biology


Fall 2022

September 14

EEB careers outside of academia: Getting in with USFWS and the Directorate Fellowship Program

Sara Hugentobler
PhD Candidate
Integrative Biology

September 28

Where should they come from? Where should they go? Several measures of seed source locality fail to predict plant establishment in early prairie restorations

Riley Pizza
PhD Candidate
Plant Biology

October 12

A tale of two tales: The role of hox genes in vertebrate caudal region evolution

Olivia Fitch
PhD Candidate
Braasch Lab

October 26

Regulation of plant responses to heat stress and mult-herbivore attack in a tritrophic agroecosystem

Nayeli Carvajal
PostDoc Wetzel Lab

November 9

Uncovering the effects of flash drought during embryonic development in a freshwater turtle

Ayley Shortridge
PhD Candidate
Integrative Biology

December 7

Tail-less Sperm and Hairy Eggs: Investigating the Reproductive Biology of Mormyroid Fishes

Alyssa Saunders
PhD Candidate
Integrative Biology

The interplay of genetic drift and selection of genetic drift in evolutionary constraint

Sophie Buysse
PhD Candidate
Plant Biology