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Seminar Series

EEB hosts a weekly seminar series at 3:30 p.m. Thursdays during the academic year. Each spring, the seminar committee solicits nominations of leading scholars whose research appeals to our diverse EEB community. The seminar committee then invites speakers from this nomination pool for the next academic year.

In addition to these scholars, the seminar series contains three other speaker types: a Distinguished EEB Speaker, who is collectively chosen by the graduate students; invited alumni who work outside of academia to discuss Careers Outside Academia; and two graduating Distinguished Student Speakers, nominated by their advisors to present their dissertation research.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, all seminars will be held virtually.


Fall 2020

September 10

Profile photo of Elise Zipkin

Town Hall Meeting: The future of EEB

Elise Zipkin

Director EEB
Michigan State University


September 17

Profile photo of Stephanie Carlson

Managing for resilience of island fishes

Stephanie Carlson

Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation
University of California - Berkeley

Host: Mariah Meek


September 24

Profile photo of Dario Valenzano

African killifishes shed light on evolution and modulation of lifespan

Dario Valenzano

Group Leader
Max Plank Institute for Biology of Ageing - Cologne, Germany

Host: Andrew Thompson and Ingo Braasch 


october 1

Profile photo of Emma Rosi

Large animals influence biogeochemistry in the Mara River, Kenya?

Emma Rosi

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
University of Georgia

Host: Steve Hamilton


october 8

Profile photo of Jocelyn Behm

Human impacts on community assembly: tales from the Caribbean and the epicenter of the spotted lanternfly invasion

Jocelyn Behm

Ecology and Integrative Biology
Temple University

Host: Dan Turner


october 22

Profile photo of Jocelyn Behm

Nighttime ecology and its application in animal behavioral and observational studies

Brian Gerber

Natural Resources Science
University of Rhode Island

Host: Kayla Davis


October 29

Profile photo of Gene Robinson

Sociogenomics:  The molecular biology that links nature and nurture

Gene Robinson
Director of the Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Host: Darren Incorvaia


November 5

Profile photo of Craig Moritz

Figuring out the tips for speciation and macroevolutionary analyses

Craig Moritz

Research School of Biology
Australian National University - Canberra

Host: Meaghan Clark


November 12

Profile photo of Anna Funk (Groves)

Careers Outside Academia

Anna Funk (Groves)

Associate Editor
Discover Magazine

Host: Lars Brudvig


November 12

Profile photo of Mitch Lettow

Careers Outside Academia

Mitch Lettow

Stewardship Director
SW Michigan Land Conservancy

Host: Lars Brudvig


November 19

Profile photo of Christopher Warneke

Plant populations in a human-dominated world: How do they grow and change?

Christopher Warneke

Department of Plant Biology

Host: Lars Brudvig


December 3

Profile photo of Lissy Coley

Is the high diversity in tropical forests driven by the interactions of plants and their pests

Lissy Coley

Biology Department
University of Utah

Host: Will Wetzel