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Seminar Series

Seminar Series

EEB hosts a weekly seminar series at 3:30 p.m. Thursdays in room 1420 BPS (Biomedical and Physical Sciences) during the academic year. Throughout the year, the seminar committee solicits nominations of leading scholars whose research appeals to our diverse EEB community (link to nomination form). In the spring, the seminar committee then invites speakers from this nomination pool for the next academic year.

The seminar series contains four special lecture types (nominated by EEB members): the Spartan Eminent Lecture by a prominent EEB leader outside of MSU; the Distinguished Alumni Lecture by an EEB alum with a celebrated research career; up to two Notable Dissertation Lectures by graduating EEB students to share their outstanding dissertation research; and two Career Exploration Panels with speakers discussing their career paths outside of academia.

Questions can be directed to the committee chair: Elizabeth Heath-Heckman.


Fall 2023

September 14

Profile photo of EEB

EEB Town Hall

Join your fellow EEB members to socialize and learn about the exciting activities to come during the new academic year.


September 21

Profile photo of Clay Cressler

Immunological allee effects and the epidemiology and evolution of parasites

Clay Cressler
School of Biological Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Host: Nina Wale


September 28

Profile photo of Brian McGill

Getting serious about a top-down view of community assembly

Brian McGill
School of Biology & Ecology, University of Maine

Host: Phoebe Zarnetske


October 5

Profile photo of Dan Schrider

Automating my own job: Machine learning for evolutionary genomics

Dan Schrider
Department of Genetics, University of North Carolina

Host: Emily Josephs


October 12

Profile photo of Jeb Owen

Exploring biotic drivers of tick-borne pathogen transmission

Jeb Owen
Department of Entomology, Washington State University

Host: Olivia Smith


October 19

Profile photo of Rebecca Barnes


Rebecca Barnes
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow

Host: Toby SantaMaria

Profile photo of Shawn Narum


Shawn Narum
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC)

Host: Ben Kline


October 26

Profile photo of Leslie Babonis

Understanding novelty, one cell at a time

Leslie Babonis
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University

Host: Julia Ganz


November 2

Profile photo of David Miller

Quantifying demographic impacts of climate changes on North American amphibian communities

David Miller
Wildlife Population Ecology, Pennsylvania State University

Host: Bruna Rodrigues do Amaral


November 9

Profile photo of Michael Perry

The insect visual system as a model for neural development and education

Michael Perry
Cell & Developmental Biology, University of California - San Diego

Host: David Arnosti


November 16

Profile photo of Sara Hugentobler


Informing conservation actions: Genetic approaches to Chinook Salmon management in the Sacramento River of California

Sara Hugentobler
Integrative Biology

Mentor: Mariah Meek


November 30

Profile photo of Ricardo Mallarino


The development basis of biological diversity

Ricardo Mallarino
Molecular Biology, Princeton University

Host: Julia Ganz


December 7

Profile photo of EEB

EEB Core Faculty Meeting

Faculty will recap the semester, discuss plans for spring, and learn about new initiatives.