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Seminar Series

EEB hosts a weekly seminar series at 3:30 p.m. Thursdays in room 1420 BPS (Biomedical and Physical Sciences) during the academic year.  Throughout the year, the seminar committee solicits nominations of leading scholars whose research appeals to our diverse EEB community (link to nomination form). In the spring, the seminar committee then invites speakers from this nomination pool for the next academic year.

The seminar series contains four special lecture types (nominated by EEB members): the Spartan Eminent Lecture by a prominent EEB leader outside of MSU; the Distinguished Alumni Lecture by an EEB alum with a celebrated research career; up to two Notable Dissertation Lectures by graduating EEB students to share their outstanding dissertation research; and two Career Exploration Panels with speakers discussing their career paths outside of academia.

Seminars for 2022-2023 are planned in-person unless listed otherwise. We will closely monitor the COVID-19 situation.

Questions can be directed to the committee co-chairs: Elizabeth Heath-Heckman and Carolyn Malmstrom.


Fall 2022

September 15

Profile photo of eeb logo

EEB Town Hall

Join your fellow EEB members to socialize and learn about the exciting activities to come during the new academic year!


September 22

Profile photo of Marcella Benitez

Topological puzzles in biology: How shape and structure shape a system's evolution

Oana Carja

Computational Biology
Carnegie Mellon University

Host: Emily Dolson


September 29

Alejandra Echeverri Ochoa

Ecological and cultural priorities coincide in wet forests for conserving neotropical birds

Alejandra Echeverri

Biology Department
Stanford University

Host: Olivia Smith


October 6

Profile photo of Rachel Short

Communities of change: Advancing large mammal ecology and empowering STEM learners 

Rachel Short

South Dakota State University
Natural Resource Management
West River Research and Extension Center

Host: Toby SantaMaria


October 13

Profile photo of Patricia Ward

Career Exploration Panel

Patricia Ward

Head Scientist
Museum of Science and Industry

Host: Jamily Ramos De Lima

Profile photo of Alex Wright

Career Exploration Panel

Alex Wright

Landscape Science Coordinator
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Host:  Julie Jarvey


October 20

Profile photo of Petra Deane

The dual role of parental conflict in speciation: Lessons from Mimulus

Jennifer Coughlan

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale University

Host:  Andrew Bleich and David Lowry


October 27

Profile photo of Stefano Allesina

Habitat heterogeneity, environmental feedbacks, and species coexistence across timescales

Stefano Allesina

Ecology and Evolution
University of Chicago

Host: Nasser Mohammed  and Christopher Klausmeier


November 3

Profile photo of Aimee Classen

The Hawaiian bobtail squid as a model host for studying defensive symbioses

Spencer Nyholm

Molecular and Cell Biology
University of Connecticut

Host: Elizabeth Heath-Heckman


November 10

Profile photo of Paul Turner

Leveraging evolutionary trade-offs and phage selection pressure to reduce bacterial pathogenicity

Paul Turner
Distinguished Alumni Lecture

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale University

Host: Richard Lenski


November 17

Profile photo of Seth Smith

Renewable energy ecology: Interactions among energy development, ecosystems, and people  

Steven Grodsky

Natural Resources and Environment
Cornell University

Hosts: Miranda Wade and Mariah Meek


December 8

Profile photo of Elizabeth Heath-Heckman

EEB Core Faculty Meeting

Faculty will recap the semester, discuss plans for spring, and learn about new initiatives.