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Seminar Series

EEB hosts a weekly seminar series at 3:30 p.m. Thursdays during the academic year. Throughout the year, the seminar committee solicits nominations of leading scholars whose research appeals to our diverse EEB community (link to nomination form). In the spring, the seminar committee then invites speakers from this nomination pool for the next academic year.

The seminar series contains four special lecture types (nominated by EEB members): the Spartan Eminent Lecture by a prominent leader in an EEB field; the Distinguished Alumni Lecture by an EEB alum with a celebrated research career; two Notable Dissertation Lectures by graduating EEB students to share their outstanding dissertation research; and two Career Exploration Panels with speakers discussing their career paths outside of academia.

All fall semester 2021 seminars will be held virtually. Spring semester 2022 seminar will be virtual or in-person depending on the COVID-19 situation.  For zoom information, please contact the EEB office (eeb@msu.edu).

Questions can be directed to the committee co-chairs: Ingo Braasch and Ashley Shade.

Spring 2022

January 27

Profile photo of Laura Dee

Putting ecological theory to work for conservation 

Laura Dee

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Colorado

Host: Lars Brudvig


February 3

Profile photo of Marcella Benitez

Cooperation, conflict, and social choices in capuchin monkeys

Marcella Benitez

Department of Anthropology
Emory University

Host: Elizabeth Tinsley Johnson


February 10

Profile photo of Holly Jones

Restoration and repair of earth's damaged ecosystems 

Holly Jones
Northern Illinois University

Host: Lars Brudvig



February 17

Profile photo of Chelsie Rochman

The fate and effects of microplastics in aquatic ecosystems

Chelsie Rochman

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Toronto

Hosts: Miranda Wade and Mariah Meek


February 24

Profile photo of James Clark

Continent-wide forest regeneration: Dynamic communities to biogeographic change

James Clark

Environmental Science and Statistical Science
Duke University

Hosts: Jeff Doser and Sam Ayebare 


March 3

Profile photo of Krista Nichols

Career exploration panel

Krista Nichols

Northwest Fisheries Center, NOAA

Host: Sara Hugentobler

Profile photo of Petra Deane

Career exploration panel

Petra Deane

Mascoma LLC

Host: Marjorie Weber


March 17

Profile photo of Natalia Umana

Tropical forests: Studying biodiversity hotspots through the lens of functional traits

María Natalia Umaña

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Michigan 

Hosts: Luke Zehr and Will Wetzel 


March 24

Profile photo of Aimee Classen

From micro to macro, using observations, experiments and models to explore how ecosystems will respond to global change

Aimee Classen

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Michigan 

Hosts: Moriah Young and Phoebe Zarnetske


March 31

Profile photo of Jazlyn Mooney

The impact of identity-by-descent on fitness and disease in dogs

Jazlyn Mooney

Quantitative and Computational Biology
University of Southern California

Host: Emily Josephs


April 7

Profile photo of Seth Smith

The genomic basis for fitness and ecomorphological variation in recovering populations of lake trout in the Great Lakes

Seth Smith

Integrative Biology
Michigan State University

Advisor: Kim Scribner


April 14

Photo of Elizabeth Heath-Heckman

It isn’t just what you say, but how you say it: Context dependent signaling between partners in the squid-vibrio symbiosis

Elizabeth Heath-Heckman

Integrative Biology
Michigan State University

Host: Heather Eisthen


April 21

Profile photo of Paul Turner

POSTPONED - Leveraging evolutionary trade-offs and phage selection pressures to reduce bacterial pathogenicity

Paul Turner

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Yale University

Host: Rich Lenski


April 28

Profile photo of EEB graphic

EEB Core Faculty Meeting

Faculty will recap the semester and discuss plans for the next academic year.



Fall 2021


September 9

Profile photo of EEB graphic

EEB town hall

Join your fellow EEB members to learn about the exciting initiatives to come during the upcoming year!


September 16

Profile photo of Denis Valle

Novel mixed membership models applied to biodiversity data

Denis Valle

Forest Resources and Conservation
University of Florida

Host: Kayla Davis


September 23

Profile photo of Benjamin Blonder

Remote sensing of genetics and mortality in aspen forests

Benjamin Blonder

Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
University of California, Berkeley

Hosts: Dan Turner and Will Wetzel


September 30

Profile photo of Henry Chung

Evolution of insect cuticular hydrocarbons (CHCs) in environmental adaptation and reproductive isolation

Henry Chung

Michigan State University

Host: Ingo Braasch


October 7

Profile photo of Mauricio Losilla

Genomic basis of electric signal variation in African weakly electric fish

Mauricio Losilla

Integrative Biology
Michigan State University

Advisor:  Jason Gallant


October 14

Profile photo of Jen Hunter

Career exploration panel 

Jen Hunter

Hastings Natural History Reservation
University of California, Berkeley

Host: Julie Jarvey

Profile photo of Laura Twardockleb

Career exploration panel 

Laura Twardochleb

California Department of Water Resources

Host: Sara Hugentobler


October 21

Profile photo of Jonathan Drury

The eco-evolutionary consequences of species interactions in birds: A mesoevolutionary approach

Jonathan Drury

Durham University - United Kingdom

Hosts: Bruce Martin and Marjorie Weber


October 28

Profile photo of Sally Aiken

Climate adaptation, population genomics, and assisted gene flow in forest trees

Sally Aitken

Forestry and Conservation Sciences
University of British Columbia

Hosts: Bob Week and Gideon Bradburd


November 4

Profile photo of Todd Castoe

Novelties of genome structure, function, and evolution illustrated by snakes

Todd Castoe

University of Texas at Arlington

Hosts: Andrew Thompson and Ingo Braasch


November 11

Profile photo of Christie Bahlai

Ecological trajectories: Tools to address conflicting evidence in temporal ecology

Christie Bahlai

Biological Sciences
Kent State University

Hosts: Wendy Leuenberger and Doug Landis


November 18

Profile photo of Michael BcDonald

How does microbial evolution change in the context of community? Experimental evolution with horizontal gene transfer and multiple, co-evolving species

Michael McDonald

School of Biological Sciences
Monash University - Melbourne, Australia

Hosts: Minako Izutsu and Rich Lenski


December 2

Profile photo of Katrina Dlugosch

Ecological genomics of plant invasions

Katrina Dlugosch

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Arizona

Hosts: Brianna Foster and Marianna Szucs 


December 9

Profile photo of EEB graphic

EEB core faculty meeting 

Faculty will recap the semester, discuss plans for spring, and learn about new initiatives.