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Seed Grants

Congrats to the EEB faculty members awarded funding in the 2020-2021 academic year!

EEB’s Seed Grant Program aims to support our faculty as they develop external research proposals. The seed grant program prioritizes projects that bring together new ideas and collaborations. Core EEB faculty are eligible to submit seed grant proposals with a maximum request of $20k per project.

A formal call for proposals is announced late in the fall term. The seed grant committee reviews and ranks all proposals and funds are dispersed to selected projects in April. The 2022-2023 call for funding is now open. Proposals may also be considered off-cycle if external deadlines necessitate a different timeline. 

Questions can be directed to the committee co-chairs: Lars Brudvig and Catherine Lindell.

2020-2021 funded projects


Lead PI


Integrating biodiversity sciences across scales Kendra Cheruvelil  Fisheries and Wildlife
Mechanisms to prevent cheating in a newt-microbe symbiosis Heather Eisthen Integrative Biology
Identifying the genetic basis of adaptive flagellar loss in mormyrid electric fish Jason Gallant Integrative Biology
The Conservation Genetics Coalition: Building international capacity in applied genetics Mariah Meek Integrative Biology
*Unraveling growth-defense interactions across biological scales using grapes Marjorie Weber Plant Biology
Herbivory Variability Network: Quantifying plant-herbivore interactions Will Wetzel


*Project co-sponsored by MSU AgBioResearch.