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Graduate Handbook

All students in the EEBB Graduate Program are appointed through a participating MSU department. Therefore, this document serves as a supplement to the Graduate requirements, expectations, and other guidelines for its students.

This document focuses primarily on the requirements, expectations, and other guidelines that are specific to the EEBB Program. In some cases, these requirements, expectations, and other guidelines may be similar or identical to those for participating departments. In other cases, the requirements, expectations, and guidelines for EEBB may extend those that pertain to the student’s home department.

Handbook for each student’s home department. There are more than a dozen departments that participate in the EEBB Program, and each department has specific requirements.

All EEBB students must therefore be cognizant of the dual requirements, expectations, and guidelines pertaining to both the EEBB program and their home department. In addition to consulting the relevant graduate handbooks, every EEBB student should work closely with his or her advisor, guidance committee, and administrative staff to ensure that he or she is satisfying all of the relevant requirements, expectations, and guidelines.

Download complete Graduate Handbook for the EEBB Program

Handbook last revised September 2019