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Financial subsidy for graduate study is available for qualified applicants on a competitive basis in the form of assistantships, fellowships, and minority-assistance programs. The departmental assistantship is the most common form of support. Depending on the educational background of the student, assistantships are on average $1990 per month for half-time assistantships. Students on graduate assistantships automatically receive in-state tuition privileges and a 9-credit tuition waiver for Fall and Spring semesters, and a 5-credit tuition waver for summer semester.

In addition to the departmental assistantships, a variety of other special competitive assistantships or fellowships are available including the EEBB Program Fellowships (travel and research assistance for current students), College of Natural Science Recruiting Fellowships (which offer stipends of up to $28,500 annually for 2016-2017), University Distinguished Fellowships, University Enrichment Fellowships, and numerous research assistantships supported by individual research grants. Many of these offer higher stipends than most departmental assistantships in order to attract the best applicants.

For more information on graduate financial aid, visit the MSU Graduate School's website.