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September 21, 2020

EGG Meeting 09/21/2020

Attendees: Olivia Utley, Meaghan Clark, Elise Zipkin, Miranda Wade, Barbara Bloemers, Allison Young, Julie Jarvey, Bruce Martin, Kevin Bird, Sara Hugentobler, Caitlin Mack, Emily Liljestrand, Isabel Borges, Emily Conway, and Emily Morgan

Updates from Elise:

  • Website updates!
    • Plan: grad student section, events section
    • Website committee––need volunteers to help edit the website (look for email this week, ideally someone new with perspective on why they applied and another senior person with input on what info is important)
      • Take a look at other similar program websites
      • How does EGG want to be represented on the website?
      • How do we make the website engaging but not too much work!
    • Starting with grad program and events pages
      • Informal events probably won’t be on the website but could be advertised through a general EEB twitter; large events (ie. wine and cheese, symposium) would be
      • How to get info re: EEB should be on the website (e.g. links to twitter)
      • What do potential students want to know? What do current students want to know?
        • Catalog of past colloquium talks and past symposium info
        • Update EEB directory -> will happen eventually, but not immediately
      • Look for info from Elise
  • Combine student listserv with postdoc listserv?
    • Core faculty, affiliates, students+postdocs, eventual alumni listserv
    • Should we have a postdoc liaison to EGG?
  • DEI Committee
    • DEI fellowships––students submit proposals (open for all students in EEB)
    • Sponsor outside speakers
    • Pay for workshops and seminars
  • Fellowship Committee
    • Scientific illustration fellowship à bring up when committee is formed

Social events:

  • Zoom happy hours
    • Random breakout room assignment to meet new people
    • Talent/hobby show
    • Monthly game night


  • Finding exist virtual outreach events
  • Developing virtual outreach activities
  • Bio on tap ideas? Email Julie, Olivia, and Darren


  • Somewhat limited this year b/c of covid
  • What about the future?
    • How do we strengthen recruitment in the future?

Agenda for next EGG meeting: 10/19/2020 at 1:30

  • Updates on social events
  • Feedback for Elise:
    • Combine students and postdocs listserv?
    • Ideas for website