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September 6, 2019




  • Connie Rojas, Emily Conway, Courtney Larson, Erika LaPlante, Barbara Bloemers, Caitlin Mack, Allison, Olivia Utley, and Kay Holekamp

Meeting Notes:

  • Need Volunteers for EEBB Potluck set-up and take-down.  Connie will send out a request for volunteers.
  • Olivia will get the keg and wine (via Costco card) for EEBB Fall Potluck (September 27th).
  • Off site socials usually hosted at Beggars Banquet. But Courtney is proposing a new location: Green Dot Stables (Location close to Bake ‘N Cakes and close to Henry Center). Lots of FREE Parking. Could get a room off to the side.
  • Colloquium: is all scheduled out now! Yay!
  • EEBB Research Symposium: nothing new to date.
  • Welcome Party at Uncle John’s this Saturday (Olivia spearheading)! Extremely Important that everyone (new and old) to come to this!
    • Fisheries and Wildlife has a weekly social event that has stunning attendance and acronym is FART.
    • EEBB should have their own and call it a witty acronym too. And then meet up with Fisheries and Wildlife once a month.
    • Perhaps start out with twice a month. Maybe make one align with Bio on Tap.
  • Courtney Larson:
    • Graduate School PhD career services offers:
      • Services Provided: Fellowship, internship, advising, any type of job help and prep. 4 hour appointments.
      • C.V. help. Getting an elevator pitch ready. Professional Environment.
    • Courtney will give an overview of the services that are offered through the grad school in Colloquium on Wednesday.
  • Make sure that the Non-Academic Speaker nominations are CLEAR and make it known that these speakers can be non-academic and not only associated (alumni) with MSU.
  • Olivia needs to update the social event list for COGS Funding purposes and EEBB Funding.
  • EEBB officer photo at next EGG meeting.
  • EGG Website needs to be updated.
    • Connie will email Erika and copy in Barbara.
  • Connie will resend the email about R-Stats.
  • Poster for EEBB to be used at events such as the Wine and Cheese Recruitment event and the Research Symposium..
    • Need to make a Google Drive to have everyone download fun pictures of EEBB Events and your lab. (Connie will circulate this).
  • MSU Archives wants to archive our EGG stuff.
    • Caitlin to give them the 3 PDFs of the EEBB Research Symposium programs from 2017, 2018, 2019.
  • Sept 25th, 12-2pm in Nat Sci 301: Working Lunch Brainstorming Session of EEBB Outreach Events (Olivia and Allison). 
  • Sept 30th, 2-3:30 in Nat Sci 244: Two postdocs in the Entomology department, Phil Fanning and Chris Adams, were recently offered tenure-track faculty positions (congrats!!) and will be discussing what goes into getting hired in Academia.
  • EEBB Reminders
    • Sept 21 Welcome Party; Uncle John’s Cider Mill
    • Sept 27 EEBB Fall Potluck; Kay’s house (2570 Saranac Lane)
    • CSTAT R Helpdesk Thursdays 2-4pm 152 Giltner Hall

Kay Holekamp:

  • Elise Zipkin is interested in being the New EEBB Director (if she gets tenure this year).
  • Doug Gage (Works in Industry and would be a good speaker for the Non-academic speaker talks for next year).