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November 18, 2019

EGG 11/18/19 Meeting

Maggie Sawdy, Barbara Bloomers, Connie Rojas, Caitlin Mack, Erika LaPlante


  • Lot of last minute meeting attendance  cancellations. Small turnout.
  • Officer Photo!
  • Reschedule to a future meeting because officer/committee not in attendance. 

Update from Erika:

  • The EGG website is updated with the previous edits suggested by Connie.
  • Erika will look into how to edit the Calendar that was added to the Events page so I can edit it and add events as they are announced.
  • Last month’s meeting notes will be updated soon. I just need to find the notebook in which I recorded the notes in. 
  • Please take notes for me on this document for the rest of the meeting because I need to leave for a doctors appointment. Thank you!
  • Connie will type up the minutes

Updates from Kay (Barbara)--

  • Phoebe had meeting with Dean and looked over director search position documents. Proper documents were sent to HR and it is in the process of being approved but it has not been posted yet.
  • Once receive applicants’s application and supporting documents, they will be reviewed to determine who will be interviewed.  
  • The new Director Search committee is active and working towards identifying qualified candidates.

Updates from committees

  • Research Symposium: not really anything new, will start sending out emails for Keynote Speakers and recruiting volunteers for the RSPC committee.
  • Food and venue: tbd; debating between Beggars and Green Dot Stables (green dot is more $6  per person; pros are that the space is bigger,  and there is free parking)
  • Colloquium: will send out email to solicit speakers for Spring; only about half slots have been filled.
  • Multi grad group Social Event this Friday, 6pm in Lansing Brewing Co. everyone welcomed.

Perhaps take on a new project?

  • Table this conversation for a future meeting, when our board is actually here.
  • A new project to give us purpose

Egg Meeting times/dates

  • Suggestion to move EGG meeting back to last year’s schedule (following colloquium) from Sara Hugentobler
  • Meetings time will change for next semester, based on poll responses. Connie will send out poll early spring semester.
  • Hopefully, the spring semester time is a better time for people :)

For next year…

  • Fundraising? Sell another eebb thing. Ask grad students what they will buy.
  • Fund a marathon??
  • Connie will send out doodle poll the first week of spring classes to schedule future EEBB Meetings

NO DECEMBER 2019 Meeting
Next meeting will be early in January 2020!!