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March 13, 2020

EGG Meetings, 10-11 am, 203C CNS

  • March 13, 2020
    • Welcome back! 
    • Updates from Kay
      • No updates. Go to seminars!
    • Updates from any committees
      • Symposium Committee:
        • Up to us to decide if we want to cancel it or not.
        • Inclination is to cancel or move it online.
        • Caitlyn is willing to try to move it online b/c this can be important to people to get feedback on research and get practice with their talks. 
        • Meaghan Clarke will contact Meghan Duffey (Keynote speaker) to feel out if she is still willing to be a remote Keynote Speaker.
      • Colloquium Committee: 
        • Switch to online for now if the speakers want to, but give them the option. 
      • Send email draft to Kay Holekamp before sending out to listservs. 
  • Nominations for non-academic speakers
  • Nominations for Distinguished Speaker
  • Debrief Chris Klausmeier’s visit? 
    • Went well.
  • What about Elise Zipkin’s interview/talks?
    • Probably will be remotely through Zoom.