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January 24, 2020

EGG MEETING 1/24/2020

Attendance: Barbara, Olivia Utley, Kevin McCormick, Acacia Ackles, Connie R, Sara H, Allison Young, Emily Conway

Officer Photo!

  • AT END of meeting:  Missing Darren Incorvaia Erika LaPlante, Maggie Sawdy

Welcome back!
Updates from Kay
EEBB Wine and Cheese volunteers (set-up/take down + poster assembly)

  • Need more posters
  • Connie to ask people around if they have one hanging out/ask labs too.
  • Kevin McCormick will set up a spreadsheet and send an email to EEBB
  • Kevin McCormick will take care of the keg (get $$$ from Kay/talk to Kay)
  • Olivia Utley will ask Ani to go to Costco to purchase the wine (get $$$ from Kay/talk to Kay)
  • Olivia Utley: do a “Save the Date” with all the dates and share it widely
  • EEBB  recruitment reception night before at Bradburd/Weber’s home
  • Wine and cheese 4-6:00 p.m.
  • Wine and cheese cleanup
  • Olivia Utley to email Danielle Whittaker if we will have the Beggar’s social not sponsored by EEBB
  • Post Grad student social @Connie’s home

Updates from any committees
Darren/Director search: will be “inviting” two candidates soon, to give their seminars and have lunch with graduate  students.

EEBB Symposium: keynote is Meghan Duffy, Professor at U of M and 2006 and MSU/EEBB graduate

  • need more volunteers for planning committee; post research symposium social @Beggar’s
  • Emily Conway is interested in scheduling
  • Meaghan is also interested  in joining

Finance: We have $100 to spend on a social event at GreenDot stables from Andy Kern, EEBB seminar speaker 1/16/20

Social: Happy Hour next Friday

  • Juggling idea of every other week instead of once a month
  • Have it  more consistently, at the same time, every week, at the same location
  • Maybe GreenDot? During Valentine’s day [5-7pm]
  • 2nd and last friday of every month?
  • Other Potential social event ideas:
  • Board Game night in March?
  • Kevin McCormick can potentially host
  • Bar Crawl with PlantBio/FW? For St. Patty Mar 17 or in lieu of happy hour that week

Updates regarding PhD Career Services Workshop?
Thursday Feb 13th at 11:30am; location TBD

Outreach events

  • Volunteers to help at Science Festival April 4 (scientific misconceptions game with prize wheel; kestrel activity; other ones)
  • Elise’s lab doing “Girl’s Math and Science Day”  on Feb. 29, 2020


  • Should have a regular one to have funds to cover the grad socials
  • Think about this in the future
  • Table this conversation for our next meeting

New project?

  • Table this conversation for our next meeting