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April 10, 2020

April 10, 2020
Attendees: Connie Rojas, Erika LaPlante, Emily Conway, Mauricio Losilla, Caitlin Mack, Christopher Warneke, Matt Farr, Lauren Koenig, Maggie Sawdy, Barbara Bloemers and Kay Holekamp

  • How is everyone doing?
  • Updates from Kay
    • EEBB Director Search
  • Updates from any committees
    • Research Symposium
      • Change format and make it two hours long.
      • There is interest in making this event happen still (despite COVID-19 quarantine).
      • Pushing the date back 1 week. Fully virtual (Zoom).
      • Caitlin Mack will need to reach out to the EEBB community as a whole to make sure there is a wide response of people who want to attend and participate.
      • Kay Holekamp’s recommendation is to have at least 50 people committed before moving forward.
      • We need to get the word out to the EEBB community as a whole ASAP to gauge committed attendees.
      • Caitlin Mack will send out a survey to gauge availability for May 7th.
      • Mau Losilla suggested that if there are a handful of people who have posters already, we could compile them onto a PowerPoint that we could cycle through during breaks or make a PDF to distribute to participants.
      • Reach out on Twitter to see if people want to be a virtual keynote speaker.
  • EGG Elections
    • Nominate someone or self-nominate!
    • Elections to happen later this month.
    • Connie Rojas will send out this email.
  • EEBB Summer and Travel fellowships notifications?
    • Get these out this spring if possible. 
  • Looking forward-any EGG plans for next academic year?