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September 6, 2018


Attendance:  Christopher Warneke, Barbara Bloemers, Taylor Rupp, Meredith Zettlemoyer, Kay Holekamp, Mauricio Losilla, Ani Hristova, Matt Farr, Erika LaPlante, Dan Turner, Olivia Utley, Olivia Spagnuolo, Darren Incorvaia, Isabela Borges, Elizeth Cinto Mejia, and Kenna Lehmann


Committee/position reports

  • Loren Koenig is the new co-chair of EEBB colloquium meeting.
  • Don’t complain to Darren about issues with pizza, as he doesn’t order the pizza.
  • Darren will send out a reminder about signing up for colloquium to postdocs.
  • Happy Hour email will soon be sent out.
  • Bio Blitz is on Saturday, followed by a cookout. Refer to email for details.

Upcoming EEBB Events

  • 5th of Oct. EEBB Fall Party: Need volunteers for setup and takedown. See email from Kay Holecamp. Need volunteer to pickup and transport keg.

EEBB Office update

  • Kay is stepping down as director of EEBB August 2019.
    • Need grad representatives for hiring committee for new director of EEBB.

Need a new Recruitment Liaison

  • From the Constitution: “A special election will be held if an elected officer completes his/her degree, is no longer a current MSU student, resigns, or is otherwise unable to fulfill his/her position’s requirements.”
  • "In the past, I think we have done special elections by notifying the EEBGRADS listserv that there would be an election at the next EGG meeting and then voting with whoever was present at that meeting, though that procedure is not in the constitution.” - Christopher Warneke
  • Do we want to finalize/define the “special election” and what that is?
    • Nope. Such a rare occurrence that doesn’t need to be defined further.
  • Further note: A co-chair for any position need to be based out of two different departments. We move to change this.

EGG Google Drive Folder

  • Who needs access and doesn’t already have it?

Slack for EGG?

  • Seems to not be helpful for general meetings (that’s why we have meeting notes).
  • Could be helpful for coordinating more specific events like the EEBB Research Symposium and Wine and Cheese Event.

Does EEBB have a website? Should we update this?

  • Apparently we do!
  • In secretary’s (Erika) role description. Will work with Barbara Bloemers to update.

Leftover shirts?

  • A few, Yes.
  • Future Note: Make sure the amount we charge for shirts is significantly above what we paid for them, to make sure the person initially paying for them, gets paid back in full.

Should we make a social event a fundraiser?

  • Make an entrance fee a few bucks per person.
  • Brew off in the spring? Would need at least three people to work on organizing this event (# based on the amount of work it takes PLB to pull off Chili Cook Off).
  • Bake off in the spring? This would be a lot more difficult than a large batch type consumable (like PLB chilli cook off or Brew Off).

Do we need money?

  • Yes. If we would like the people who are hosting EEBB events/parties to not have to pay out of their own pockets.
  • PLB for example uses its money to fund all social events (i.e. food).
  • Side Note: Biology on Tap is self sustaining and no longer needs money from EEBB.
  • Also, it wouldn’t make sense to sell or give away T-shirts at Biology on Tap, but maybe we could finish these off at colloquium or Research Symposium as giveaway gifts.