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October 3, 2018



Erika LaPlante, Christopher Warneke, Kay Holekamp, Barbara Bloemers, Taylor Rupp, Lauren Koenig, Ani Hristova, Julie Jarvey, Darren Incorvaia, Courtney Larson, Olivia Utley, Mauricio Losilla, Dan Turner, and Alex Wright.

***Officer Photo: Next meeting!

EEBB Potluck:

  • Dan Turner: How to assemble and get keg. Make sure accounting for general taste of group at large.
  • Make sure there are enough people for setup and takedown, especially for rain tarp.
  • Event is actually at 6pm. Setup is at 5pm.


  • Recruitment Liaison nominations: Kevin McCormick and Julie Jarvey volunteered to hold this position jointly.
    • Time commitment: isn’t too much. But definitely could use two people b/c this job is for the Wine and Cheese event in early February.
    • This event has been moved to the first weekend of February (Feb. 1st)
      • Email will be sent out to notify general EEBB public.
    • Vote in Kevin and Julie. Vote passed.
  • General Position Updates:
    • Social Chairs: propose another fall event? Corn maze?
    • Host October Happy Hours
      • Get Fisheries and Wildlife to host (~20 people usually attend when they host)
      • Helps when bigger lab hosts b/c more people show up
      • November Weber/Wetzel hosting
    • Academic programming committee:
      • Goal is to have these people join other committees to serve on:
        • Evolution AD HOC committee
        • EEBB director position search
    • Secretary:
      • EGG Website:
        • Link twitter to facebook. Currently there is no new information on Facebook.
        • Homepage:
          • Make officer picture larger
          • Include brief blurb about EGG and who we are/what we do and our meeting time.
          • Currently the homepage looks like an accident and underdeveloped.
        • Meeting Minutes:
          • Include short blurb about what the page is and why we have it.
        • Events:
          • Include large scale (or even fine scale) events for the year.
          • Page doesn’t even include Happy Hours, only Biology on Tap.
          • Include pictures from these events.
          • Include Research Symposium with pictures and speaker list.
        • Social Media Links:
          • Twitter is the only platform that seems to be getting used and posted on.
          • Linkedin link doesn’t take you to the EEBB page, it just takes you to the general website.
          • Facebook doesn’t post anything.
            • Can we add social events and pictures to this page?
    • Mauricio general suggestion:
      • Excel sheet that documents every event that has ever been done by EGG.
      • (Originally created to prove that we are a real group that is active and justifiable to anyone who needs us to prove we are accredited). Used for getting funding from COGGS.
      • Getting access to this on the google drive may be helpful for the future people who hold positions to be aware of and use going forward.
      • May be worth keeping it updated (by who: whoever is organizing these events needs to input the 2 columns of data).
    • Social media updates: email or DM social media people
    • Make sure everyone has access to the EEBB Grad Group google drive

Alex (talking about his fellowship to evaluate grad group success):

  • Goal of organization: Optimize graduate student success.
  • Many surveys that come out to define what the college level is going to do to improve success of grad students.
  • Decided to meet with GSOs to really get at this, b/c they are a diverse community with very different needs (like lab based vs cohort based grad group experience).
  • How should we define grad group success/Benchmark of success:
    • HR needed to have an impact on the world
    • Getting a job post grad school (difficult to measure though)
    • Completion rates/Time to degree
    • Financial stability/Good health care
  • How to implement at college level grad group success:
    • Financial stability/Good health care
    • Establish a way to give feedback on advisors (maybe using the annual report each department requires)
      • Caveat: It is unidirectional.
    • Implement protocol and make it well know about how to avoid retaliation from advisors if something goes wrong.
      • Addressing the feeling of entrapment in a lab and how to deal with this.
      • Who are we supposed to go to like the Ombudsperson who is supposed to give you resources and remains completely anonymous.
  • What are the barriers:
    • Giving TA feedback and how to implement change in how we get assigned to classes.
    • Anxiety and Depression
      • Easy to slip through cracks when we have a lot of autonomy
      • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) you get 6 appointments
        • But only available to University employees (RA or GA positions)
        • Options for students are more limited (2 appointments and then medication prescription is what is frequently offered)
      • Advisors do not know how to address this and give students the correct support. This also breeds a lot of opportunities for power abuse.
      • Could provide opportunities for training advisors about how to recognize symptoms and give healthy options for getting help and support.
    • Resources to help academic orphans that occur as a result of the retention rate/turnover rate of faculty.
      • Grad students are left high and dry and without support in any regard or any direction on how to maintain the rest of their grad experience.
        • Can we create a guidebook that can help assist in this problem?
    • Getting advisors/people in higher up positions to stop passing us off onto other people without ever really helping us solve a problem. Or washing their hands of a situation if they don’t know how to help us.
      • Overall lack of responsibility and lack of procedures.
    • Example:
      • Implement peer mentor guide
        • Not having a strong social support system

How do we be effective about implementing and distributing the resources that we have?