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November 14, 2018


Erika LaPlante, Christopher Warneke, Barbara Bloemers, Taylor Rupp, Lauren Koenig, Ani Hristova, Darren Incorvaia, Courtney Larson, Olivia Utley, Mauricio Losilla, Dan Turner, Isabela Borges, Olivia Spagnuolo, and Nadya Mamouzaden

Take EGG Officer Photo at end of meeting today!

Fundraising for EGG:

Restaurant Fundraiser opportunity was presented to us ~1 month ago. It didn’t pan out to be worth the effort.  What is it? We picked a restaurant and then sent people there during a certain day and time and we would receive a certain percentage of the profits. Why didn’t we do it? Selection of restaurants was bad and the time frame was the middle of day, which wasn’t great for attendance. Also, we would need to guarantee at least 20 people to come for the organizers to not get mad at us.

Other ideas?
Applebee’s: pancake breakfast (8-11am).  A bake sale fundraiser during finals              week when everyone wants comfort food! Some grab-and-go snack thing                (cookies/brownies).  Serve food at Biology on Tap. 
We are allowed to bring in our own food since they don’t serve it themselves. Maybe we could put up a dessert table or a pizza table and sell them for $1 a piece.
Have a party for EEBB and charge a $10 cover. Give some money to the hosts and then the rest comes to EGG.
Could we get a faculty member to host the event? Maybe this would bring more people in who would be willing to attend the event and pay the cover charge.
Barbara reminded Olivia S. and Olivia U. that there is a list that contains and maintains a running list of social events. It is on the google.doc

Do we really need to raise money? Why do we need it?
Getting fundraiser money would help with money needed to host social events that won’t cost EGG or the hosts money.   How important are acquiring funds?
We have less than $100 in our account. So yes, it would be nice to have funds for social events to work with.

We need to check any of the above ideas with the proper people for reserving space, making sure food can be sold in the location, etc.
A good set up location could be in Kedzie or BPS for a bake sale where loads of finals happen.
Will MSU make us pay additional fees to set up places? 
It was $50 to reserve the atrium in BPS for the PLB Chili Cook-off.
Other locations: we could also sell in locations like IM West (gyms).
Ani and Kelsey are looking into feasibility and details on general fundraising. Are we allowed to sell homemade things, permits, initial costs?

EEBB Spring Symposium
Christopher will email the Symposium Committee chairs about EEBB Symposium to get details and find out who the Keynote speaker is, so we can make arrangements and meetings, etc.

Collectively Postdocs [in IBIO] want a venue to give lightning talks to increase awareness of the research they are doing. 
EEBB Symposium could be the perfect venue to kickstart this. Last year only faculty were allowed to give lightning talks and grads/postdocs would give 15 min talks. But organizers were turning down grad students and pulling teeth for faculty to participate.
Maybe another venue is dedicating a day in EEBB colloq. for lightning talks from postdocs.
We do not want to limit this invitation to only IBIO postdocs, as EEBB has many departments associated with it. 
Is there a way to identify all the other postdocs in other departments to get a running list of who to contact?
We have an affiliate list (based on EEBB listserv) to find post docs but it is not all inclusive.
We could contact faculty associated with EEBB to blanket find the post-docs.

Kay is officially stepping down as EEBB Director [Search Committee?]
Mau and Kenna are on the Executive Committee to find a replacement for EEBB Director position.
There is discussion as to whether the EEBB Director position should be filled via an external search or an internal hire.
Meredith, Ani, and someone else are supposed to serve on the Search Committee (or academic committee) next year (according to Kay).
Somewhat unclear on who is supposed to be involved in what and when these roles will start.
First part of the process is to set guidelines for the search. 
We are unclear about who will be involved in the search process or who sets these guidelines (maybe Kay?).
Regardless, we should really make an effort to make our opinions and thoughts heard. We should discuss this as a group and set our own requirements to present to Kay and the search committees. 
Kay sent out an email to the Executive Committee and set parameters for search. Dr. Fred Dyer volunteered to be the chair of this executive committee.
Kay is in favor of both an internal and external candidate search.

Agenda item for next EGG meeting (Dec 5th):
Discuss and write up what we find valuable for the search and executive committees to consider.
Before next meeting: *Send email with an update of the situation to EEBB people and have them fill out a anonymous survey that asks them for their input on the matter. 
Survey has been created. Link is here:
Compile this into a document and then talk about this at next meeting to get on a united front. 
Then bring in Kay to discuss this further with her and get her parameters and how we can align the two.
Could also discuss this potentially with the Dean of Natural Science: Coffee with this person? EEBB is housed within NatSci, though grad students can be in multiple colleges.