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March 14, 2019

EEBB Graduate Group (EGG) Meeting - March 13, 2019

Attending: Barbara Bloemers, Isabela Borges, Ani Hristova, Darren Incorvaia, Nick Jaffe, Julie Jarvey, Lauren Koenig, Courtney Larson, Kenna Lehmann, Mauricio Losilla, Connie Rojas, Taylor Rupp, Olivia Utley, Miranda Wade, & Christopher Warneke

I. Discussing the future of EEBB with Kay Holekamp

  • Feedback received mostly leaning towards building the Biodiversity Center; the other options (making EEBB a department/framing EEBB like the Neuroscience Program) have not received much support
  • Kay thinks that asking dean for resources to put on a search for an external director is a reasonable request
  • By end of April: Kay needs to build strategic plan to present to the Dean of Natural Science. The strategic plan would be a good document where we can vouch for the strength and value of EEBB and build support for the Biodiversity Center. Kay thinks that in this plan, we should be explicit about how our faculty and students are well-equipped to tackle the next 10 big questions in biology. Also, how faculty are well-positioned to bring in big pockets of money (i.e. NIH).
  • EGG attendees believe the EEBB executive committee should help Kay draft this strategic plan.
  • Christopher Warneke created a Google Doc where the EEBB grad students can start brainstorming (re: 10 big questions in biology)

II. Participate in a Grad School project focused on fostering interdisciplinary collaborations

  • A group of Nick Jaffee (a FW grad) is a fellow with the Grad School working on a project dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary collaborations (i.e. statisticians and biologists; ecologists and social scientists, etc)
  • Eventually, from the data and feedback that is received, the project hopes to match individuals with collaborators.
  • Given that EEBB is an interdisciplinary program, Nick believes it would be great to have EEBB participate and provide their point of view. The commitment will be a 1hr meeting that will include a brief survey, interactive activities, and focus group. The goal is to get at least 7 EEBBers to participate
  • Nick to write something up and send it to EEBGRADS listserv

III. Apply for the Outstanding Graduate Program

  • Kay thinks EEBB is in a good position to apply for the Graduate School’s “Outstanding graduate program award” due to the variety of outreach and professional development we provide (bio on tap, hacky hour, colloquia, outreach events, prof development class). Deadline is April 8th. Christopher Warneke will create a google doc so we can start drafting the statement.

IV. EGG Elections on April 10th

  • STILL IN NEED OF A: Treasurer, social media chair, representative for the academic program committee, EEBB symposium co-chair, representative for executive committee.
  • Please consider running for these positions!

VII.  Updates from everyone else

  • EEBB Annual Research Symposium: we are in need of more lightning and poster presenters! Especially from faculty and post-docs who have not presented in the past.
    • Also, we are at half capacity for the Henry Center (50 attendees and we have space for 100). Please register if you have not already done so.
  • GEU had their most recent bargaining meeting on March 7, and put forward a proposal on affordable housing and a 30% raise to the minimum graduate student stipend and the University shut it down.
    • Show your support at the GEU Rally on March 20th at 5pm at the MSU Rock