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January 16, 2019

EEBB GSO Meeting - January 16th, 2019



Lauren Koenig, Savvas Constantinou, Connie Rojas, Miranda Wade, Darren Incorvaia, Taylor Rupp, Alex Write, Erika LaPlante, Olivia Utley, Ani Hristova, Kay Holekamp, Isabela Borges, Acacia Ackles, Kenna Lehmann, Mauricio Losilla, Barbara Bloemers, Christopher Warneke, Dan Turner.

EEBB Director Search: Executive Committee Meeting

Kay shared discussions at the recent Executive Committee Meeting and plans on forwarding to the EEBB Community the various options in detail for the future of EEBB.


  • Series of social events that revolve around recruitment weekend is a great recruiting event to introduce prospective students that they can do a dual degree.
  • Do we need volunteers for the events?
    • Come early and help Barbara setup tables and food and nametags
    • More poster session people (more posters)
  • Will Kay talk to new students about the program? TBA

Symposium in May?

  • Keynote Speaker hasn’t been confirmed.
  • Need a few more volunteers.
    • Isabela and Ani volunteered.
    • Meeting this Friday at 10 am
  • Any big changes?
    • Post-Docs will be doing lightening talks.
    • Trying t find the best time for Keynote Speaker’s talk during that day.
  • Fundraising needs to be advertised ASAP!
  • Encourage Dean to come to this, so make sure he is Dazzled!

General Updates:

  • Elections are coming up in April: think about it!

Social Updates:

  • Bio on Tap @ The Loft Tues Jan. 22nd (Happy Hour 1 hour preceding)
  • Reinventing the EEBB Olympics
  • Gallant Lab hosting February Happy Hour
  • Meeks/Wetzel Lab hosting March Happy Hour


  • Olivia S. is taking on a lot of BEACON’s outreach
  • Needs activities and volunteers to go to these events
    • Happens 1-2 times a month at a high school or middle school to a science fair across Michigan.
    • Need volunteers for this!
  • Darwin Road Show!
    • Traveling t High Schools during the middle of the school day and presenting science
      • Need volunteers to do this!
      • Are we interested in this?
  • As more of these outreach opportunities present themselves, we will need a co chair to help with this position.
  • Need ins to get talking to teachers who can help figure out the ins and outs of the schools and when their fairs are and who would want to have us come in and present our research.


  • Dodgeball Tournament
    • Add it to Olympics?
    • TBD in a future meeting.