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February 13, 2019

EEBB GSO Meeting - February 13, 2019


Barbara Bloemers, Courtney Larson, Erika LaPlante, Ani Hristova, Olivia Utley, Ravi Ranjan, Kenna Lehmann, Mauricio Losilla, Connie Rojas, Lauren Koenig, Taylor Rupp, Christopher Warneke, Isabela Borges, Darren Incorvaia, & Miranda Wade.

  • EEBB symposium Update:
    • All going well!
    • Have ~$2300 raised for funding of the event.
    • Have lots of volunteers for posters and talks (not full, yet though!).
    • Reception Sunday and Monday night. Both are TBD.
      • Keynote Speaker hasn’t replied yet for confirmation.
  • Next EGG Meeting: March 13th.
  • EEBB Officer/chairs next meeting (March) and then vote in April Meeting.
    • Email will go around to bring in new committee members.
  • Seminar Speakers for next year, 2019-2020. Seminar Committee.
  • Executive Committee Meeting:
    • No updates.
    • Still hasn’t sent out slides.
    • Haven’t heard anything more about the Google.Doc that was supposed to be sent out to get more people’s ideas and opinions.
    • People are still confused why there is resistance from EEBB departments like PLB and Entomology. Need clarity.
      • Is there anyway to make concerns clear?
    • Keep discussing and keep proposing ideas so when we are asked to give input, we have formulated ideas.
    • Next Steps: waiting for Kay to provide information publicly (Pro/Con List).
  • Weekend Retreat for incoming grad students? Social Chairs plan it. Fall.
  • Graduate Student event. Just plan a camping trip for existing Grad Students. Spring.
  • Still have a few EEBB T-shirts (Barbara).
  • Courtney Announcements:
    • Next Monday Entomology Seminar: Rick Karban, UC Davis,
      is the invited Speaker.
      • Marge Weber and Gideon Bradburd hosting Sunday
        dinner for him with hot seat.
      • Wrote the book:  How to Do Ecology: A Concise Handbook
    • Entomology @ Broad Museum Altered Tour: Communicating with Ants, Thursday, February 28  Featuring Adrian Smith, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Gives talk on social insect chemical communication. 
  • Graduating EEBB Students: Does EEBB do anything for Grads who are graduating? Discuss at next meeting.