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April 10, 2019

EEBB Graduate Group (EGG) Meeting - April 10, 2019


Acacia Ackles
Barbara Bloemers
Kay Holekamp
Ani Hristova
Darren Incorvaia
Lauren Koenig
Erika LaPlante
Mauricio Losilla
Connie Rojas
Taylor Rupp
Klara Scharnagl
Olivia Utley
Christopher Warneke

Kay Holekamp – Update on Future Directions of EEBB and Hiring new EEBB Director

  • Draft of EEBB Future is Due in June
  • Two associate deans are down on external searches for new EEBB Director
    • But, no one here is stepping up to take over the position.
    • Go talk to Associate Dean(s) about this (Sisk & Dewitt).
      • Review the letter we already wrote. Revise. Deliver it to the Dean and Associate Deans in-person.
      • If we can’t get the Dean and Associate Deans in one shot in a room, our priority is the Dean.
  • Side note: IBIO830/831 – Dean is considering dropping the TA from these courses. Under the justification of it being a grad student course so we clearly don’t need TAs.
    • This would be disastrous as the professors who teach the course will be turning the course into a seminar and the students will be completely reliant on themselves to figure out the content.
    • This course makes students more marketable.
    • Go talk to the Associate Dean about this. Bring signed letter from students attesting to this.
  • The big issues here are money
  • Kay is staying on as the EEBB Director (Appointment: 8/16/19 - 8/16/20).
  • Grad Student Associate Dean is supportive of us.
  • Statement to approach funding for EEBB Director Hire: We’ve been lead to believe that the Dean of IBIO would allow us to use the “Williams Position” to hire on a new EEBB Director. However, we would need to get a bit of supplemental funding from University to hire a faculty member who is higher pay/higher level in their career.
  • Internal hires feasibility? Typically, a 5-year position. To be discussed more by Kay later.

Next Directors Chair Meeting (1st Wednesday of the Month), just FYI.

Posters still needed for EEBB Symposium!

EGG Elections Happened! Congrats!

Positions for the upcoming year are:

EGG Officers & Committees



Connie Rojas


Maggie Sawdy


Erika LaPlante

Social Media

Acacia Ackles


Social Chair

Olivia Utley



Lauren Koenig


Caitlin Mack

Seminar Helper

Sara Hugentobler

Recruitment Liaison

Julie Jarvey


Kevin McCormick

Academic Program Committee

Meredith Zettlemoyer


Seminar Committee

Melissa Szymanski


Erika LaPlante

Research Symposium Committee Co-Chairs

Caitlin Mack


Isabela Borges

Executive Committee Student Rep

Darren Incorvaia


Dan Turner

Outreach Chair

Olivia Utley


Allison Young


Amendments to the Constitution – PASSED!

  • Will be updated by Erika LaPlante, in her role as Secretary

The amendments are:

Amendment 1

Summary: Add the Social Media Co-chairs to the constitution. Apparently, despite having this position since 2017, it hasn't ever been added to the constitution.

Location: To be added following the "Student Colloquium Co-Chairs" portion of section 3.1
Wording: "Social Media Co-Chairs (2): Manages social media accounts for the EEBB GSO. Responsibilities include regularly creating content on Twitter and/or Facebook accounts to promote EGG/EEBB members and activities."

Amendment 2

Summary: With the addition of the Social Media position to the constitution, I would propose to change a phrase from the Secretary's position description to clarify what is meant by "web presence", and to avoid conflating the roles of the the Social Media and Secretary

Location: Within the position description of the Secretary in section 3.1

Wording: Change "maintaining the EEBB GSO’s web presence." to "maintaining the EEBB GSO's website." 

Amendment 3

Summary: Remove the sentence that requires the Colloquium Co-chairs to be from different departments. We have been violating this for years, so I think we should just eliminate that sentence.

Location: Within the position description of the Student Colloquium Co-Chairs

Wording: Remove the phrase "The two representatives must be from different departments."

Amendment 4

Summary: Amend the dates that are listed at the beginning of the constitution, as well as the procedure for amending dates in the future.

Location: Immediately following the title of the constitution which is "Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Graduate Student Organization Constitution" and also following the last sentence of the current Article 5 (Amendments).

Wording: After the constitution title, add a line that says "Adopted: March 2, 2016". Below that new line, remove the date of "January 17, 2019" and add a line that says, "Most recently amended: April 10, 2019". After the last sentence of the current Article 5, add the line "When the constitution is successfully amended, the date on the "Most recently amended" line of this document will automatically be changed to the date of the most recent amendment, and this change of date does not require a separate amendment."

Can we consolidate the constant emails into a new Newsletter?

  • No one really thinks this would be helpful to press this issue.

Outreach Activities:

  • Partnering with GWIS and BEACON.
  • Science Nights at Elementary Schools after hours.
  • Darwin Day Road Shows during school hours.
  • Girls Math and Science Day.
  • Need to structure EEBB to have constant participation in these events throughout the year and actually involve ourselves within the community.
  • Send out a summary of the events at the beginning of the year when people are optimistic about signing up for events.
  • Need to talk about carpool options.
  • Send out an email at beginning of the semester to get general interest and then as events pick up, we can ask people from this pool of people to fill these events.
  • We also could use new ideas for activities to interact with these students.
    • Lichen Buddies for example! “These lichens need a fourth partner and it is YOU!”
  • We need connections to get connect info of teachers to fuel this fire/outreach!

Ladies in R

  • They have a Slack page to help with R coding.
  • Send around their information to EEBB as a whole.
  • This group isn’t just open to women. People who do not identify as a woman are also welcome to join this group.

GEU is having an emergency meeting this Friday

  • To draft a new contract.
  • We need numbers. Strength in numbers to show we have grad student support for this process.