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September 6, 2017

EGG Meeting 6 September 2017.

Carina Baskett
Barbara Bloemers
Darren Incorvaia
Courtney Larson
Kenna Lehmann
Ravi Ranjan (via skype)
Taylor Rupp
Eli Strauss
Olivia Utley
Christopher Warneke
Nicole Wonderline

Social Media team (Courtney/Ravi):
•Ravi and Courtney are doing social media. If you want anything posted on the twitter or facebook, please email it to either of them, or send a direct message to the respective account. They can also retweet things. If you are sending an email about an event for them to tweet, please also copy Barbara onto that email so that she can add it to the “This Week in EEBB” email.
Other potential ideas for social media
•Live tweet the EEBB Colloquium? If Courtney and/or Ravi are present, they could certainly live tweet it. Otherwise, someone else could do it, and they could retweet the tweets.

EEBB Symposium (Ravi/Courtney)
•Courtney is seeking help for the EEBB Symposium. It is currently scheduled for April 30th. Ideally, there would be 5-6 new volunteers, for a total of 7-8 people working on this committee. They plan to divide up tasks by person so that it isn’t too much for any one person.
•Need to send an email to get people to sign up.
•Taylor volunteered to join this committee
•The EEBB Symposium is on April 30th. However, MEEC (the Midwest Ecology & Evolution Conference) is at KBS this year, and takes place on April 7th/8th. There is concern about MEEC taking people away from the symposium. How can we make sure we have another great turnout at EEBB?
•Ravi is on the MEEC Organizing Committee at KBS, as well as the EEBB Symposium Committee, so he can be a liaison between the two events. With MEEC also being a large event for universities outside of MSU, Ravi thinks the audience differs enough that we won’t have trouble getting people to present at both.
•We can also encourage people to present the same talk or poster at both, to save them time and ensure they present at both.

Social Chair (Carina)
•Courtney has instigated the tailgate for this week and got us a prime location! Make sure to come to this event.
•On the 23rd of September, Carina will be planning an outdoor movie night, probably showing Jurassic Park. Any other biology-themed move ideas are welcome.
•Happy Hour won’t happen for September, but will start again in October

Treasurer (Taylor)
•Nothing to report. If anything comes up money-wise, Taylor will report to it to the next EGG meeting

Academic Program Committee (Eli/Chad, but reported by Eli)
•Nothing new to report on the stats committee, though more will be happening soon, so Eli will update EGG in the future.

Recruitment Liaison (Eli)
•No update quite yet, as it is a ways off. Eli will tell us more, closer to that time.

Colloquium (Darren and Mau, Darren reporting)
•Colloquium is continuing to happen! With lots of email prodding, there is now at least one speaker for each colloquium day, but there are still some open 20 minute slots. Please sign up for these slots! Email Darren for details.
•First Colloquium of the year is today! Be there!
•Darren will announce upcoming EEBB events and news at Colloquium

Hackey Hour (Eli)
•Reminder that there is a group of students hosting an hour + session where they code and sometimes help each other with coding or stats questions. Email Eli if interested.

Presidential Updates (Kenna)
•The EEBB Fall Potluck is scheduled for October 6th at 5pm at Kay’s house.
We need people to volunteer for setup. This will take one or two people to purchase the wine/beer selection, 3-4 people to help with table and char setup/arrangement, and various other activities. Please volunteer to help with this!
•Olivia will help with the wine/beer and will try to corral other people into helping too.
•Thoughts on shirts. Should EEBB get shirts?
•General consensus among those present is that this would be a good idea.
•We can use the already-existing EEBB logo for these shirts
•Kenna will send a poll to EEBB to figure out color preferences, etc
•PLB has done t-shirts for years. Carina will connect the PLB T-shirt Coordinator with Kenna to pass on all the accumulated wisdom for that.
Outreach committee. Should we form one?
•Most people present thought this was a good plan.

•Kenna has gotten at least one email from someone looking for EEBB outreach people
•GWIS has a good branch for outreach, as does BEACON. We could talk to their outreach committees.
•This sounds like a good idea, but we really need a point person for this.
Olivia is very interested (and had previously emailed Kenna about his). Nicole can probably help with this too.
•Kenna will look into what steps need to be taken constitutionally to make this an official 
position. At the least, it will likely require advance notice to the EEBB Community and a vote at an EGG meeting. Kenna will work to make this official.

EEBB Office Update (Barbara)
•In the past, EEBB has borrowed poster stands from other departments for events like the Symposium and the Wine and Cheese event. However, this looks like it won’t be possible this year. Over the summer, Barbara talked with an Engineering grad student to design a lightweight and easily collapsible poster stand. Making a decent number of these is cheaper than renting them, and EEBB will have them for a long time in the future. There are a few other development things that need to happen, so Barbara is looking to the Symposium Committee members for future design and ordering decisions, to keep this process moving. Adjustments need to be made for poster size (3x4 foot posters preferred).

Future EGG Meetings (Kenna)
•Kenna will send an email to the listserv about times that work best for EGG Meetings for the remainder of the semester.