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October 2, 2017

EGG Meeting – 2 Oct, 2017

Kenna Lehmann
Barbara Bloemers
Olivia Utley
Julie Jarvey
Elizabeth Yablon
Taylor Rupp
Alex Wright
Darren Incorvaia

Outreach Committee (Kenna reporting)
• We need to decide if this should be a chair position or a committee. The general consensus was that a committee would be a better idea.
• The constitution needs to be modified to add an outreach committee. Once it is modified, we need to schedule a vote to approve it.
     o Kenna has updated and highlighted the proposed changes to the constitution in the

EEBB T-shirts (Kenna reporting)
• We will order shirts through Underground Printing.
• To keep the costs down, we should use only 2 colors for the logo. The current design needs to be simplified to do this.
     o If MSU is added to the shirts, need to add 10% licensing fee
? This may be waived for student organizations?
• Kenna will send out email to get feedback on color preferences.
• The cost of t-shirts depends on how many are ordered. We discussed the possibility of
advertising the price as $10 and collecting pre-orders, and if the cost is lower, to use those
profits as a fundraiser.

EEBB Potluck (Kenna reporting)
• We need more volunteers to help set up at Kay’s on Friday, Oct 6 at 3:30. Julie and Darren will help. Darren will find more volunteers at the Wednesday Colloquium, and Kenna will send an email asking for more volunteers to help set up and clean up.
• Alex will pick up the keg.
• Olivia will help clean up and pick up ice on Thursday.
• Barbara will buy picnic staples

Optimizing graduate student success in the College of Natural Science (Alex)
• Alex is working with the College of Natural Science to develop framework for graduate student mentoring program to help incoming students build a support network to help them be more successful throughout their graduate career, and to provide mentoring experience for advanced graduate students.
     o In a survey, CNS had a high response rate of graduate students who were considering
leaving their program. (Statistics show students with a support system in their first year
are more likely to finish their degree.)
     o The idea is to match incoming students with a current graduate student, as early as the spring/summer before starting at MSU, and continue through the fall.
     o The program will be encouraged, but not required, for incoming students. Students will be able to include what they are looking for in a mentor to assist departments in
choosing the best mentor for them.
• Alex is working on putting together a guide for how to be an effective mentor and a draft for how to best implement this program across the departments within CNS. This will be ready to implement next summer/fall.
      o Alex will get a working draft for EEBB to set up mentoring program.
      o Alex will be in contact with Kay to set up for EEBB next year.
      o Possibly adding a mentor chair in EGG next year?

Halloween Social Event
• Kenna proposed having a Halloween EEBB progressive party in the Eastside neighborhood with different themes (within a broader theme) at each house the weekend after Halloween.

Poster boards for Symposium
• Foam boards need to fit a 3 x 4’ poster for EEBB Symposium (can be larger).