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November 6, 2017

EEG Meeting
6 November 2017

203 CNS

Carina Baskett
Barbara Bloemers
Caitlyn Byron
Kay Holekamp
Darren Incorvaia
Kenna Lehmann
Taylor Rupp
Olivia Utley
Christopher Warneke
Alex Wright

Tshirts (Kenna)
The plan is to do a single color tshirt with the EEG Logo
Jade Dome is the winning color (a sort of green)
A blue of some sort was second place

How do we have people pre-pay?
Send money to Barbara and/or Taylor Rupp (EGG Treasurer)
Maybe have someone in PLB too, to get people at the south end of campus
Could look into paying via donation button that deposits directly to university account
Unclear if we would need to charge a sales tax for this? We already pay a sales tax on the tshirts when we purchase them?
Maybe we could set up a venmo or paypal account for these transactions and have people pay electronically.

For people that write checks, they should be able to make the checks to EGG directly. Probably will need to write it out fully. EGG has a subaccount of an EEBB account, so it should be ok.

Having men’s and women’s style shirts doesn’t change the price, so we will have that as an option for people to check on the form.

Kenna will make some sort of form (a google form? Unless we want a paper form)

Tshirt delivery would be at a seminar/colloquium

Symposium Planning Committee (Kenna)
We still need people to volunteer for this! Who can volunteer?
Darren, Caitlyn, and Taylor all volunteered

We still need more people. Courtney and Ravi will need to send some emails.