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March 16, 2018

EGG Meeting 16 March 2018

Barbara Bloemers
Darren Incorvaia
Erika LaPlante
Kenna Lehmann
Taylor Rupp
Olivia Spagnuolo
Christopher Warneke

Elections (Kenna)
•Kenna will call for nominations of people now, and the nominations will close one week before the next EGG meeting. We will then vote at the EGG meeting in April.
•Kenna will also go through the formal process of adding a Social Media position to the constitution.

Seminar Committee (Kenna/Erika)
•Erika is one of the two new grad student reps to this committee.
•Darren has opened nominations for EEBB Distinguished Speaker for next year. Make sure to nominate people by the 21st!

Mentor Program (Kenna)
•This is the program that Alex Wright updated us about at a previous EGG meeting. As a reminder, the idea is to setup a 1-on-1 or group meetings between a new grad student and older grad students. This would give the new student a means of learning more about grad school and MSU/EEBB through current students. Hopefully, this would help with grad student retention, wellbeing, etc.
•A draft of the mentoring plan has been sent by Alex to Kay/Kenna (and perhaps others). The draft plan proposes a number of different strategies for the program. This program would likely be implemented through EGG, and which strategy would be used would be selected by a new officer of the Mentor Program Coordinator.
•Among the grad students in attendance, there are not strong feelings as to whether this should be implemented by an IBIO-specific committee, through the various departmental GSOs, or through EGG. It is fine to have this kind of thing in several places, to give new students choices or more ability to network.

EEBB Symposium (various people)
•We have 111 people registered for the symposium.
•EGG has offered to help on the day of the symposium, if the Symposium Committee needs help with setting up, cleaning up, etc.

Social Events (Olivia S.)
•They plan to coordinate with the FW GSO to combine happy hour events, and have greater attendance at those events. FW has a pretty successful happy hour system.
•They are still working on plans for an EEBB Olympics in April. This would likely entail an event at a local park with yard games, but they are open to other ideas as well. Kenna recommended team entry fees to help offset costs of the event, after learning from the Succession Party.
•How do we get people to come to happy hours, etc? Combine events with departmental events seems to be a good strategy for happy hours.

Biology on Tap (Kenna)
•Biology on Tap is the 27th. The them is “Resilience around the world: Case studies of plants and animals surviving in harsh conditions”.

Tshirts (Kenna/Barbara)
•There are <20 remaining. Some people have still forgotten to pick them up. Make sure to bring these to the symposium.