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January 19, 2018

EGG Meeting 19 January 2018

Barbara Bloemers
Darren Incorvaia
Julie Jarvey
Courtney Larson
Kenna Lehmann
Mau Losilla
Taylor Rupp
Olivia Spagnuolo
Olivia Utley
Christopher Warneke
Alex Wright

Tshirts Update (Kenna)
•Shirts are in! Pick them up from Barbara for $11.
•We will make ~$100 if all the tshirts are sold. Not much of a fundraiser. Do we need to plan fundraisers for anything other than the symposium? Something to think about.
Recruitment Update (Kenna)
•The Wine and Cheese Party is coming up (2 Feb). Eli is in charge of the keg and setup. Talk to Eli to help with that. We will need people to help!
Seminar Committee Rep (Alex)
•We need two people to replace the current representatives to the seminar committee, as both have to leave before the next meeting of the committee. They meet once in early April. Alex will send an email to EEBB looking for people to join this committee.
Elections (Kenna)
•Along the same lines as we just discussed with the Seminar Committee, we need to think about elections. Kenna will look in to when they were held last year and how they were done. We need to make sure we are operating within our constitution here.
Outreach Chair (Olivia U.)
•Olivia U and a few other EEBBers went to an outreach workshop in Detroit. Olivia would like to host an EEBB workshop for grad students to work on outreach for their research. In future years, we can get an EEBB group together for a table at events like SciFest and Darwin Discovery Day. Olivia also plans to organize events through the public school system, and is on the list for science nights in Okemos Public Schools.
•Should labs that already do outreach (eg, the hyena lab) contact Olivia to let her know that they are doing outreach? Olivia says “yes.” Maybe having some system to track EEBB grad student outreach.
•The museum exhibit is still in progress. Olivia is currently playing email tag with the Museum about setting up a time for grad students to meet with the museum staff.
Social Chair (both Olivias)
•There will be an EEBB Happy Hour at The Grid (located in Old Town in Lansing), on the 24th at 5:30pm. Hosted by Patric Vaelli. All are welcome!
•There is thought to maybe having an EEBB Olympics in April, when the weather is warm enough for outdoor activities. This is a fairly nascent idea, but would involve a series of events for people to do.
•They are still trying to think of events for February. They might get a group of students together for the 5th of February to see the general public talk of speaker of the Entomology Seminar Series, who is giving a general public talk at the Broad Museum that evening.
Biology on Tap (Kenna)
•Currently, they have Bio on Tap planned every month through July, except for May. The info for these is on Facebook and other media. Kenna is putting flyers up around town this weekend.
•How do we get more general public people there? Advertise in City Pulse or local papers, in the events section. Outreach to Audubon or other local EEBB-friendly groups. Bio on Tap is already in the events listings of major Lansing events aggregators.
Research Symposium Planning Committee (Courtney):
•Planning is going well, and we are meeting as a committee on Monday, the 22nd. If you want to volunteer, come to our meeting!
•Mathew Leibold has been confirmed as the speaker!
•The symposium website should be up and running by the end of the month. Abstracts will open at around the time we get the website up.
•Courtney will send a save-the-date email, which will also go to the faculty, letting them know this is still a thing happening this year.
•Barbara will also start adding an announcement about the symposium to the “This week in EEBB emails”
Social Media (Courtney):
•Tell Courtney and/or Ravi (our two Social Media Coordinators), if you would like anything posted!
Treasurer (Taylor):
•EGG now has a bank account! We have cards that can be used on ATMs. We can cash checks. Now we just need some money to put there.
Colloquium (Mau/Darren):
•The pizza place we have been using is closing for 1 full year for renovations! We have to now get our pizza from a different location. The chef is switching locations, to the one we will use. We will see in two weeks if the pizzas are ok or not.
•It is hard to get people to come to give talks. Wee need to fill these slots. Would we fill the whole weeks where no one signs up with professional development? Things like CV writing or similar workshops? All the dates for this semester are filled, but only after harassing people into signing up. We could have Kay email people to try to encourage
people to sign up, as people may respond more to her emails than to Mau or Darren. We could also send emails to professors to tell their students to sign up.
•We could make sure to emphasize that participation in EEBB activities is helpful for getting EEBB travel funding, for example.
•We could emphasize that these talks are less formal, and perhaps emphasize that proposal talks are ok, as first year students may be more willing to talk on proposed work, if they know that.
•If you want announcements at Colloquium, email Darren beforehand, and he will write in on the board before Colloquium and make an announcement at the start of colloquium.
Executive Committee (Mau and Kenna):
•This committee hasn’t met recently, but will be meeting again soon. More updates next time.
Misc Notes:
•Several people got haircuts over winter break, and this was an important enough detail to add to the minutes!