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December 4, 2017

EGG Meeting 4 December 4, 2017

Kenna Lehmann
Olivia Utley
Olivia Spagnuolo
Darren Incorvaia
Taylor Rupp
Courtney Larson
Barbara Bloemers

Outreach committee – Olivia Utley
- Meeting at the museum tomorrow to get started on updating evolution exhibit at
the MSU Museum
- Wednesday 6th at 1pm
- Appear to have enough volunteers

Symposium - Courtney Larson
- Wednesday 6th at 1pm – first planning meeting 244 Nat Sci
- Can Skype into the meeting
- The keynote speaker is Matthew Libold – MSU alumni
- So far, have a good number of volunteers

Social Media – Courtney and Ravi
- Email Courtney to get things tweeted or retweeted
- Facebook events for the Happy Hours

Treasurer – Taylor Rupp
- Looking into opening a MSUFCU account
   o MSU accounts were super complicated and seemed difficult
   o FCU seems like our best bet
   o Check on EIN number and how to open an FCU account
   o check with plant bio on how their FCU account works
   o Kenna can front the money to open the account and get reimbursed later

Social Chairs – Olivia and Olivia
- Progressive was a success
- Need to share the Facebook page to all of EEBB and Faculty
- Spring Biology Grad student Olympics – Sometime in April
- Kenna to email Carina and ask about a December happy hour
- If one is not planned Courtney volunteered to plan/host one

Colloquium - Darren
- Two emails have gone out asking people to sign up
- One person has done it
- Barbara can send out email to post-docs

- Sales are going well
- Free shirt for logo maker Allison Sussman

MEEC – Should EEBB be involved?
- Kenna will email Ravi about this

Hacky Hour – Still happening?
- Even if no one is showing up, we still want it
- Kenna will talk to Eli

Biology on Tap
- Other people outside of EEBB can/should come and speak
- Olivia will email the zoo and see if they can advertise for us
- We will also place flyers in other areas around Lansing

EEBB money to spend to attract people to the meeting GSO meeting
Hopefully we can find a more convenient time for everyone to meet next semester.