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April 20, 2018

EGG Meeting 20 April 2018

Barbara Bloemers
Darren Incorvaia
Julie Jarvey
Erika LaPlante
Courtney Larson
Mau Losilla
Kenna Lehmann
Taylor Rupp
Olivia Utley
Christopher Warneke

Elections (Kenna)
No positions were contested, and we had the correct number of nominations for almost all positions
All nominations were accepted, and next year’s officers are official
We are still looking for a co-chair for next year’s Research Symposium Planning Committee (RSPC)

Social Chair (Olivia U.)
The EEBB Olympics are this coming Saturday! There are currently only 2.5 teams signed up. It should be a fun time, but next year, it would be better to select a better week for it.

Outreach (Olivia U.)
There is not a lot of participation by graduate students in the outreach events that Olivia has worked on and planned. Olivia is looking for ways to get more grad students involved. If you have any ideas, let her know!

EEBB Symposium (Courtney)
The RSPC will be looking for people to help with setup and takedown of the event at the Henry Center.
The RSPC is meeting on Monday, 23 April, to figure out any last-minute things that need to happen.
People should sign up to come to the Sunday reception for the symposium speaker. It should be a fun time!
There are a sufficient number of judges signed up.

Colloquium (Darren)
Darren will continue on as the co-chair of this committee, with Lauren being the replacement for Mau, who is stepping down.

Tshirts (Kenna)
There are <20 shirts remaining. These will come to the symposium in an attempt to sell them.

Group Photo (Barbara)
The meeting concluded with a photo of all the people that were present.