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September 22, 2016

EEBB GSO Officer Meeting
September 22, 2016
203C Natural Sciences

Present:    Anna Groves (PRES), Carina Baskett (SOC), Cory Kohn (acting SEC), Anselmo Pontes and Nick Skaff (SEM), Mauricio Losilla and Connie Rojas (COL), Allison Sussman and Andrea Morrow (SYM), Allison Young (HEL), Barbara Bloemers and Kay Holekamp (EEBB).

Remarks from Kay, EEBB Director:

  • GSO members should talk to their advisors to recruit non-academia alumni as future guest speakers to the EEBB seminars -- generally four speakers, two each presenting during a seminar slot per semester. Students remarked that it would be great to create a database/list of positions currently filled by alumni, perhaps with names and contact details attached. Barbara maintains a list, but perhaps it could be made public within the GSO for making connections and holding informational interviews.
  • The day-long Research Symposium will be held at the Henry Center on Monday May 1 (during Finals Week). Dave Williams, the organizer of a similar FW event, offered to provide advice on its organization. This will provide opportunities for presenting work and establishing collaborations. GSO should decide if this will be only students or some combination of students, PostDocs, and faculty, perhaps with optional plenary speaker(s). GSO needs to start soliciting talks by beginning of Spring semester. EEBB/GSO/Symposium Committee might need to recruit additional members; similar events have as many as fourteen members. For comparison, FW has 30+ presentations of 20 minutes in length.
  • EEBB is reorganizing and re-constituting various Committees which will need GSO representatives. EEBB Executive Committee will need two GSO representatives (along with the GSO President). There has been substantial interest in revising the quantitative methods curriculum to make it more student friendly. The current plan is to swap the two non-EEBB controlled introductory courses with a single EEBB-led introductory course. A menu of more advanced courses would then be provided for students to tailor their education. Elise Zipkin, Gideon Bradburd, Marjorie Weber, and other new hires that are interested in participating will be generating a proposal to implement the new system in AY18-19. They will need a GSO representative to serve on this Quantitative Methods Committee; that person, or someone else, might additionally serve on the Academic Programming Committee.
  • Colloquium currently has an air of faculty members being unwelcomed. The GSO needs to discuss this at the next meeting, and one or more resolutions should be sought.
  • A Recruitment volunteer is still needed; we can disseminate ad hoc calls for filling these needs and/or recruit one or more persons for a permanent position. PLB, EEBB, and BEACON coordinate their Spring Recruitment events, which culminate in the Wine & Cheese Reception. It would be great to add FW too, though they don’t currently organize department-wide recruitment efforts. Kay offered to talk at FW orientation event, perhaps at a CS and ENT event too. It would be great to add a link and description to participating Department’s websites to advertise EEBB.

Carina, Social Chair:

  • A list of activities for presentation, discussion, and perhaps voting, at the October GSO meeting will be prepared. The list includes, among others, potluck and board games, escape room, painting with a twist, haunted house or corn maze, tubing, bowling and lazer tag, hiking, retreat, and murder mystery. Care will be taken to consider a diversity of options each semester and time and financial commitments will be duly considered.
  • A reminder was offered that the GSO can raise money; one idea is offering food for sale at other associated organization’s events, for example PLB’s Chili Cookoff.
  • The GSO can also organize happy hours, perhaps after the Seminars, or glom onto the FW FART.

Cory, acting Secretary:

  • Filling the Secretary position will perhaps need GSO Constitution changes regarding the resignation of an officer, unless the route of dismissing an officer will be followed. Anna will explore the options and act accordingly.

Alli, Symposium Co-Chair:

  • The GSO should have an official web presence, either on the EEBB site or a separate MSU page, including at least the Constitution, list of events, and officer list. Anna and Barbara will explore options; Alli offered assistance.
  • The the creation of a logo or holding a contest for its creation was suggested.

Anna, President:

  • The GSO should brainstorm ideas and perhaps prizes for pop science talks “Bio on Tap” modeled after “Astronomy on Tap” at The Beer Grotto. Tracey Montgomery and Eli Strauss will discuss this at the October GSO meeting.