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October 06, 2016

EEBB GSO Meeting
October 06, 2016
203C Natural Sciences

Present:    Anna Groves (PRES), , Taylor Rupp (TRE), Cory Kohn (SEC), Carina Baskett (SOC), Anselmo Pontes (SEM), Mauricio Losilla (COL), Allison Sussman and Andrea Morrow (SYM), Allison Young (HEL), Barbara Bloemers (EEBB), and eight other members.


The history and overview of the GSO was provided by Anna. Officers, committee members, and members in attendance introduced themselves.

Vote on amendment to the Constitution:

The following amendment was proposed to address the resignation or removal of an elected officer. The new language under 3.2 Elections & Term Limits is as follows: “A special election will be held if an elected officer completes his/her degree, is no longer a current MSU student, resigns, or is otherwise unable to fulfill his/her position’s requirements.”

The amendment passed unanimously.

Special officer election for Secretary:

Leslie Cieplechowicz is unable to attend meetings so resigned from the position. Cory Kohn was nominated to fill the position. The special election of Cory as EEBB GSO Secretary was successful by a unanimous vote.

EEBB Quantitative Methods Committee:

This EEBB committee requires two student representatives to assist in redesigning the quantitative methods course sequence. Kenna Lehmann and Chad Zirbel volunteered for the positions.

Faculty invitation to Colloquium:

Historically, one or more students had felt unprepared and intimidated by having faculty attend the Colloquium. The student in charge of Colloquium at the time made a decision to exclude faculty for the time being, though this decision was later reversed. The past policy of inviting postdocs to present was discussed, and a suggestion of non-MSU graduate students presenting was unsupported. The continuation of the policy of inviting faculty to Colloquium was supported in both discussion and by an unanimous consent.

Research Symposium Committee:

The Committee, chaired by Allison and Andrea, is in need of additional volunteers and further input from the community on the structure of the event. The organization of the FW symposium was discussed and Allison and Andrea have met with the FW student organizers. Organizational ideas and suggestions were discussed and numerous volunteers were recruited.

Biology On Tap:

The new series, which would be organized similarly to Astronomy on Tap, was discussed by Kenna. The 30 minute talks on the fourth Tuesday of every month will be led by grad students, faculty, or post-docs on a popular science topic (not necessarily one’s research) and include fun quiz questions with a raffle for a prize. The first event is 7:30pm Oct 25 and is Pokémon-themed, covering how electric fish are like Pokémon as well as Pokémon ecology. Cory would like the record to show that relevant electric fish-like Pokémon include Tynamo, Eelektross, Chinchou, Lanturn, and Stunfisk among others. The GSO can assist in prize identification, advertising, practice talks, and solicitation of speakers.

Upcoming social events:

Planned activities include bowling on Oct 21, a haunted house or corn maze on Nov 6, a pot-luck at Carina’s with games on Dec 3.

EEBB Executive Committee:

The Committee requires two additional volunteers to serve alongside Anna. Carina and Mauricio were recruited.