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November 3, 2016

EEBB GSO Meeting
November 3, 2016
203C Natural Sciences

Present: Anna Groves (President), Barbara Bloemers (Advisor), Christopher Warneke, Alli Sussman (Symposium), Andrea Morrow (Symposium), Chad Zirbel (Quantitative Methods Committee), Lauren Koenig, Taylor Rupp (Treasurer), Mauricio Losilla (Colloquium), Carina Baskett (Social Chair).  [10]

General updates/introduction

  • Cory (Secretary) at a conference, Anna will take the minutes
  • Suggested that we start a Google calendar
  • Need more reminders about time change from 9:30 to 9

Symposium-- Andrea and Allie

  • Kay wants to bring someone in to be keynote speaker rather than have someone from MSU
    • There's funding for it
    • Could be more prestigious
    • Looking for feedback, we had talked about having an MSU person previously
    • Rest of presentations were going to be limited to students and postdocs, so this would be our only chance to hear from MSU faculty
    • Maybe try to find an alum
  • Evening social
    • Henry Center venue is only til 5, seems like cost of a social there would be astronomical
    • Beggars Banquet has been cooperative and supportive, currently best idea
    • People will leave at 5 no matter where the social is
  • Poster session
    • Last year F&W only had 3 people sign up to bring posters
    • Want to gauge interest
  • Looking for volunteers for the following committees:
    • Fundraising
    • Program & scheduling: Anna
    • Someone to find judges and moderators
    • Will send an email next week to recruit more help
  • Need to limit to the number of people that can attend the symposium-- first come first serve
    • Room sits 100, maybe squeeze in a few extra
    • Stress this so people tell us if they can no longer come
    • Offer a waiting list
    • Only register if you're definitely coming

Quantitative Methods Committee-- Chad

  • Went to recent meeting
  • New curriculum slated for fall 2018
  • 2 semesters, 851 & new 852
  • Marjorie Weber & Gideon will teach first half, crash course in R, learning probability distributions and other basics
    • Moving away from old school F statistics and stuff like that
  • 2nd course, Elise Zipkin & Will Wetzel
    • More like 851 is now, but with less intro stuff
    • Generalized linear models, mixed models, a little Bayesian
    • Come in with a background in R
    • Will: Model selection
  • Might be mandatory to take the two courses in sequence, but not sure yet
  • Would get rid of STT 464 and 814
  • What about common ecological data problems, like zero inflated? Seems likely

Colloquium-- Mau

  • 2 more sessions this semester
  • Recruiting soon for spring semester, email Mau and Connie if you want to present

Social-- Carina

  • Tea party Sunday (11/6)
  • Karaoke following Monday (11/14) at Ave
  • Saturday Dec 3rd, save the date, not sure what we’ll do yet

Biology on Tap—Anna

  • Highly attended
  • Asked for people to brainstorm people to talk, or topics to talk about


  • We want one
  • Anna will send a logo email

Website-- Barbara

  • New person starting the 15th who will be working with Barbara on this
  • Will have a calendar of events
  • Ryan Ward working with Barbara on website
  • Conversations on hold until the 15th