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May 9, 2017

EEBB Grad Group (EGG!) Meeting Agenda & Minutes

May 9, 2017

Nat Sci 203B 3-4pm


Present: Anna Groves, Chad Zirbel, Barbara Bloemers, Carina Baskett, Cory Kohn, Taylor Rupp, Mau Losilla, Courtney Larson, Nick Skaff, Alex Wright, Andrea Morrow, Alli Sussman

Skyped in: Kenna Lehmann

Checked in via email: Connie Rojas, Darren Incorvaia, Christopher Warneke


  • Take a photo of the 2016-2017 officers and committee members
  • Discuss the summer-- will BioOnTap, social events continue?
  • Discuss transition to new officers next year & general changes members would like from EGG

Social Events-- how to include more people (esp. From more departments?)

  • Welcome picnic- after work
  • Spread the locations out-- leaders from different departments/friend groups
  • More service events-- river cleanup-- will get more non-drinkers/introverts
  • IM sports team
  • Dog event
  • Happy hour-- Tin Can has games
  • First Friday
  • Tailgate… Anna?
  • Cranefest


  • Continuing for the summer
  • This month short handed, Kenna, Eli, Tracy out of town-- May 23-- Mau with do it


  • Have a treasurer but haven’t used it
  • Keep using EEBB account as long as possible, since funds from COGS etc come into university account, but university accounts cost money

Web presence

  • Grad Group events to website calendar
  • Have a public Google Drive
  • Short run-down of positions
  • Ravi and Courtney

General participation

  • Add section to travel award application to reflect on their involvement in eebb?
  • Section in application for EEBB?