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March 14, 2017

March 14, 2017

Nat Sci 203B 3-4pm


Present at meeting: Anna G (president), Taylor R (treasurer), Courtney L, Mau L (colloquium), Nick S (seminar), Connie R (colloquium), Alli S (symposium), Barbara B (advisor), Eli S (bio on tap)


  • Discuss luncheon for Terry McGlynn visit April 13:

    • What topics are people interested in learning more about? Life at a teaching-focused university, blogging, twitter, diversity in STEM

    • Not a ton of opinions, will send out email poll (prob after elections)

  • Updates:

    • Biology on Tap (Eli)

      • Last one was at the Loft, different vibe but could actually hear the speaker

      • Somewhere around 100 people for each event

      • Have next month lined up-- Emily Dittmar & Marjorie Weber (March)

      • April-- special science fest event on climate change, back at Midtown

      • May-- not scheduled yet-- astro/bio on tap crossover??

      • Might borrow a projector from IBio (Loft doesn’t have one), can rent but is a pain/financial burden

      • Will make Bio on Tap spendings/earnings more internal to EGG-- Eli will coordinate with Taylor (& add spreadsheet to EGG Google Drive)

    • Research symposium (Alli)

      • Planning committee held meeting yesterday

      • 77 people signed up so far (of 100 spots)

      • Presenter registration closes in 2.5 weeks

      • Mid-April all registration closes

      • 1 faculty lightning talk left

      • Oral presentation filled

      • Plenty of room for posters

      • Connie working hard on getting us funding-- $1300 so far, hoping for $1500 more from COGS

      • Total budget $7-8000 probably, most goes to Henry Center $6500

    • Student-invited seminar speaker (Connie)

      • Voting is closing tomorrow, will remind at colloquium, count votes Thurs morning, looking tight

  • Secure nominations for next year’s officers:

    • Email responses:

      • Christopher Warneke (PLB) in order of preference, but not a strong preference: Seminar Committee, Recruitment Liaison, Secretary

      • Alex Wright (IBIO): Seminar Committee

      • Ravi Ranjan (PLB) in order of preference, but barely a preference: Seminar committee, secretary, research symposium committee

    • Combine social media with secretary? Ditch Facebook?

      • We’ll keep Facebook for now and try to advertise more

      • Don’t combine the positions



President: Vacant

Treasurer: Taylor Rupp

Secretary: Christopher Warneke

Social Media: Courtney Larson*

Social Chair: Carina Baskett

Student Colloquium Co-Chairs (2): Mau Losilla* & Darren Incorvaia



Seminar Helper: Allison Young/Lydia Wassink

Recruitment Liaison: Eli Strauss

EEBB Academic Program Committee (if needed): Chad Zirbel & Eli Strauss

EEBB Seminar Committee (2): Anselmo Pontes & Alex Wright

EEBB Research Symposium Committee (2): Ravi Ranjan & Courtney Larson


*reluctant volunteer, will continue to advertise position as open