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January 17, 2017

EEBB GSO Meeting

January 17, 2017

Nat Sci 203C


Present: Anna Groves, Barbara Bloemers, Ani Hristova, Connie Rojas, Carina Baskett, Mau Losilla, Nick Skaff, Andrea Morrow, Alli Sussman, Alex Wright, Cory Kohn

Forgot attendance sheet; list compiled from Anna’s memory, apologies if anyone missed


New GSO Logo

  • Can’t have a logo for a program, has to be the GSO’s logo

  • Passed around design options, voted on sheet


Possible room conflict

  • IBio faculty meeting supposedly thinks they are meeting in this room at this time, even though EEBB GSO has a confirmed room reservation with Angela.

  • Anna will ask Kay



  • Secretary Cory must resign due to scheduling conflicts

  • No volunteers for temp for this meeting, Anna taking notes

  • Would prefer a permanent replacement

  • Andrea will do next meeting


Schedule for semester

  • EEBB wine & cheese

  • Research symposium

  • Nominations for next year's officers in March

  • Vote in April, report results at April meeting


Name suggestion, EEBB Graduate Group (EGG)

  • Very well received

  • Will run this by Kay

  • Pending Kay’s approval, will send email to EEBB GSO and say we’re holding a formal vote next meeting

  • Anna will check that no one is using EGG already

  • EEBB Grad Group -> for email, twitter, FB

  • EEBB Graduate Group -> official constitution, registered organization

  • EGG -> informal, used in communications

  • Would officially change our name to “EEBB Graduate Group” with student services


Executive Committee

  • No executive committee updates, Kay in Africa, waiting for people to trickle back from holidays before sending around survey to all eebb faculty

  • Anna will remind Kay


Colloquium Committee

  • Short a presenter on Feb 1-- will have a  meet and greet after one 20-min presentation


Symposium Committee

  • Looking for host for Dr. Manyuon Long visit for EEBB Research Symposium, Sun-Tues

  • Registration will open Feb 10, close Mar 30 for presenters, close mid-Apr for everybody


Bio On Tap

  • New venue/date! Midtown Brewing Company, Wed 25th at 7:30pm

  • Recent Astronomy on Tap at MBC was at capacity with 150 people-- get there early

  • Making about $60 in donations per event

  • Spending no more than $50 on prizes per event

  • Carina presenting on medicine/drugs from weeds

  • Greg Benito presenting on fungi, fermentation, beer

  • Happy hour before 7

  • Donation voting ideas?

    • Plants v fungi

    • Plant products v fungi products

    • Coffee v weed v hops v grapes



  • Will need volunteers to move the poster panel parts from Physiology/BPS to the Conservatory.  

    • They are constructed out of PVC pipe and 3’ x 5’ cardboard.

    • We will need a van or truck. Lab truck?

    • Also need to return them-- but event ends after hours. Need BPS access to get them over there, will have to wait til Monday to give them back to Physiology

    • Cory, Ani, others volunteered-- Cory in charge

    • Store them in BEACON if needed

    • Mau can help set up but not return Monday

    • 2:30-3:30 is target setup time!

  • Need volunteers to get wine from Costco.

    • In past, Tracy commuted from Ann Arbor and would go to Brighton Costco. This is too far to ask someone to go from Lansing.

    • Ani has Sam’s Club membership, we will ask Kay her preferences and hopefully Ani can go to Sam’s. She will also be in charge of ice.

  • Keg from Big Ten:

    • We think Two Hearted is best.

    • Post-meeting update: we have a volunteer to get the keg.

  • Posters-- only have 5! Sign up your posters with Barbara!

    • Two people signed up who weren't in EEBB, we agree they shouldn't come


Social committee

  • In Carina's absence--Mau will host a potluck at his house. Details TBD.


Social media manager

  • Nobody wants to do it except Anna, and Anna doesn’t have time. But Anna really wants to do it. So Anna will do it.

  • Need to sort out EEBBGSO/EGG name issue before creating any accounts

  • Will join Twitter, Facebook, GSO email address through msu

  • Facebook page will then be able to host the Research Symposium event page