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February 14, 2017

EEBB Grad Group

February Meeting 2/14/2017

Nat Sci 203B 3-4pm


Present: Barbara Bloemers, Caitlyn Byron, Christopher Warneke, Chad Zirbel, Nick Skaff, Cory Kohn, Connie Rojas, Taylor Rupp, Anna Groves
Mau Losilla, Alli Sussman wrote to say they couldn't come


  • Request for agenda ahead of time-- will do

  • Distinguished Speaker Nominations

    • At first, not sure who was in charge of this

    • Colloquium committee handles it-- Connie is on it

    • Why isn’t this the seminar committee?

  • Bio on Tap

    • MBC was no good

    • Trying Loft for Feb-- Tuesday Feb 28, note new day of week

  • Research Symposium

    • Kay wants to meet with officers for an update-- will pick a time over email

    • Might be nice to get a photographer

      • Anna will send an email asking for a volunteer

    • So far have 12 presenters, 6 attendees registered

    • Ask Kay to send a note encouraging faculty to come and encourage their students to come

    • Reminders to sign up to present on social media-- Anna

    • We think Allison is in charge of poster board setup-- it’s not Cory but he will help-- needs double check

    • Make a poster to promote EEBB grad group-- Anna

    • FW symposium is next week, Nick will send the program to us for an example

  • Social Media

    • EGG now on Facebook and Twitter! (and gmail to get a twitter)

      • EEBBGradGroup on all platforms

    • Need professional-looking photos

      • Will add to the photographer email above

    • Anna met with Val Osowski, Communications Director of NatSci

      • She doesn’t love for programs/departments to have their own social media pages

      • Worry about infrequency of posts, quality of posts, and that no one will take over when the person starting it is gone (not a personal observation-- just in general-- sounded like she hadn’t looked at the page)

      • We will add Social Media officer position to EGG, and if no one takes it, shut down the sites (hopefully won’t come to this!)

      • She also offered that we could plug into NatSci stuff-- send them things we want promoted, they will post (nobody at meeting liked this idea)

  • Career training

    • Anna had coffee with Ryan Bixenmann, new director of PhD services, former ecologist, AAAS science policy fellow, and outreach/education extraordinaire

    • Idea to have more frequent career panels-- monthly dinner/happy hour/lunch or something, invite local people, don’t pay them or anything, just ask the favor-- people will come.

      • EGG pretty lukewarm on this

      • Perhaps could happen unofficially

    • Kay is running out of contacts to bring in for careers seminar

      • Ask Kay if she's asked the faculty for non-academic contacts yet-- we don’t know if she’s asked around much or has just been relying on her personal contacts (we suspect the latter)

      • Connie will add to email

  • Official vote on changing EEBB GSO to EGG-- unanimous in favor

    • Was announced at previous meeting, was in the minutes, so vote is good

    • Will change constitution accordingly-- Anna

Will update with student services-- Anna