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April 11, 2017

EEBB Grad Group (EGG!) Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Nat Sci 203B 3-4pm


Present: Mau, Taylor, Courtney, Shujun, Connie, Cory, ??, Darren, Alli, Andrea, Barbara, Anna

Checked in via email: Kenna, Nick, Christopher, Carina

  • Upcoming social events (Carina): Spring BBQ, May 6 (finals over)

  • EGG poster for symposium and other things

    • Alli wants the photos lined up better

    • Still need photos of EEBB grads in various contexts-- Anna will email

  • Symposium

    • Everything on track

    • Still need volunteers to move the poster board stands

    • Shujun coordinating keynote speaker schedule but has too many people interested-- prioritizing faculty, lots of grads left

      • Probably will add a grad student lunch during the symposium

    • Shujun will introduce him

  • Next Bio on Tap Monday April 17 Midtown Brewing Company, during Science Festival

  • Next EGG meeting May 9, transitional conversation

  • March for Science Lansing April 22

    • Courtney organizing a group we are welcome to join in: meeting 11:30 at the Lansing City Market to make signs and drink beer, leave 12:30

    • Rally is at 1pm

    • Courtney will send an email to the EEBB grads to gauge interest

  • Pizza for Terry McGlynn lunch

    • 6-7 pizzas, half veggie

    • Hawaiian, salad, veggie, gyro, stuffed spinach, chicken something

    • Send Mau the address and info and cell phone number and timing and etc.

  • Elections: unanimous vote in favor of the following:



President: Kenna Lehmann (outgoing: Anna Groves)

Treasurer: Taylor Rupp (incumbent)

Secretary: Christopher Warneke (outgoing: none)

Social Media: Courtney Larson and Ravi Ranjan (outgoing: Anna Groves)

Social Chair: Carina Baskett (incumbent)

Student Colloquium Co-Chairs (2): Mau Losilla (incumbent) & Darren Incorvaia (outgoing: Connie Rojas)



Seminar Helper: Allison Young/Lydia Wassink (incumbent)

Recruitment Liaison: Eli Strauss (new position)

EEBB Academic Program Committee (if needed): Chad Zirbel & Eli Strauss (incumbent)

EEBB Seminar Committee (2): Anselmo Pontes (incumbent) & Alex Wright (outgoing: Nick Skaff)

EEBB Research Symposium Committee (2): Ravi Ranjan & Courtney Larson (outgoing: Alli Sussman & Andrea Morrow)

Executive Committee: Mau & Kenna probably, or maybe Anna. Will discuss with Kay.