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Student Colloquia 2021

Fall 2021

September 15

Welcome to EEB

Miranda Wade
PhD Candidate, EEB Grad Group (EGG) President
Department of Integrative Biology

September 29

Quantifying restoration outcomes in Detroit's urban parks: Looking for feedback and suggestions

Emily Conway
PhD Student
Department of Plant Biology

October 13 

The effect of social rank on the evolution of cooperative hunting

Julie Jarvey
PhD Candidate
Department of Integrative Biology

October 27

How data availability affects model performance in state-space stock assessment models

Emily Liljestrand
PhD Candidate
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

November 10

Determining the role of canopy environments on tree functional variation in a central Amazonian forest

Leonardo Ziccardi
PhD Student
Department of Forestry

November 24

The value of individual identification in studies of free-living hyenas

Olivia Spagnuolo
PhD Candidate
Department of Integrative Biology


Spring 2021

February 10

Blending theoretical and applied ecology with social science to promote sustainable insect management in agroecosystems

Eli Bloom

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Department of Entomology

February 24

A tail of two tails: Evolution and development of the vertebrate caudal region

Olivia Fitch
PhD Student
Department of Integrative Biology

Exploring the dynamics of antibiotic resistance in the human gut following enteric infection

Zoe Hansen
PhD Student
Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

March 10

Long-term responses to warming in an early successional plant community

Kara Dobson and Moriah Young
PhD Students
Department of Integrative Biology

March 24

Understanding the impacts of drought on Chinook salmon in the Central Valley of California

Sara Hugentobler
PhD Student
Department of Integrative Biology

April 7

Using population genomics to inform solar installation planning

Miranda Wade
PhD Student
Department of Integrative Biology